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Amazon Prime is a great service that is included with the purchase of an Kindle. This allows customers to take advantage of free two-day shipping, which helps save time and money. One may wonder what other products are available for Prime members. If you have not signed up yet, you may be surprised by what is offered.

Amazon Prime

Beautiful leather shades: Go ahead and pick a product to accent your home or office. The leather shades available are gorgeous, so you can select one to make your room more comfortable. Leather also provides great protection against dust mites, mold, and heat. This type of treatment is really affordable and can help create a gorgeous atmosphere in your home.

Welcome Kits: Great for bringing your dog home from the groomer or even if you just want to go jogging with your children, a welcome kit will have your guests feeling like royalty. Amazon Prime members can receive these at no cost as long as they have a minimum purchase of the Kindle. Each kit includes a paw print balm, which helps repel fleas and ticks. It also contains five chamomile bath bombs, which can relax the mind and make you feel better. You can also choose a shampoo and conditioner, so you can use the items at home instead of at the spa.

Free two-day shipping: Many sellers who have products for sale will offer Prime shipping for free, which allows you to purchase items for less. Amazon Prime has many advantages, and this is just one. You may want to know that you can choose between free shipping or expedited shipping, too. When it comes to shopping for things online, you do not have to worry about delivery. If you choose the free shipping, you may still be charged a delivery fee if you live in a city that requires them.

No blackout dates: This is one of the most attractive features of Amazon Prime. There are no blackout dates on shipments, so you can buy any item you wish without restrictions. The shipping provider makes sure that all products are delivered at the same time, which means you don’t have to plan ahead. If you have pets, you can even sign up for a pet delivery service that will give you deliveries whenever you have a pet. Make sure to look for a shipping provider that offers free two-day shipping and free shipping on orders over $99, which allows you to make sure you have a perfect package every time.

Credit cards accepted: Amazon Prime members enjoy some of the best money-saving opportunities available. When you sign up for the program, you may qualify for credit card rewards, so you can earn more cash back and pay less in fees. Every service is free, so you don’t have to worry about spending money on the gas to go shopping with your debit card. You can also get cash back on books, clothing, electronics, and other products through their Amazon Cash program. Some companies offer special promotions with their merchants for Prime members, and you can save even more by shopping on Prime Day, which occurs every year on November 25.

Sign up for a free one-year membership: You can also choose to receive free Kindle or other accessories, which gives you even more benefits. Amazon Prime includes several other perks, such as access to the Amazon Music program, as well as a variety of free videos, television shows, and audiobooks, and you can even watch movies, watch your TV shows on demand, and listen to podcasts. Some of the benefits that are free for Prime members include the same gifts as members get for free, including video games, electronics, and books. You may also get access to the Kindle Store, which has thousands of products for you to read and to choose from. Prime members also have access to video games that are also free.

These are just a few of the free perks you can enjoy with Amazon Prime. If you are interested in taking advantage of the various offers and perks, it is always a good idea to visit the website of the company in order to enroll for Prime. Signing up can also save you money, since it allows you to avail of free shipping and other discounts.

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