Manifest the Life You Want: Shadi Amiri Launches New Workshop to Show You How

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Spiritual/Magical Life Transformation Coach Shadi Amiri has one question for you: why are some people able to find the success and peace they crave in life while others seem to struggle no matter how hard they work?

“The answers I get typically involve the person’s work ethic or perhaps the lucky breaks someone gets,” says the Founder of Happy Life Coaching & Consulting. “There is some truth to that, of course, since if you don’t work hard, you won’t get as far, and doors that open for you can definitely help. However, I think the answer is found in our minds: who chooses to go after their ultimate inner happiness and inner power and who does not. My life story is the perfect illustration of how things can get off track and back on again.” 

Shadi spent much of her life in dysfunction, including bad relationships, financial problems, and low self-esteem. “For the longest time, nothing seemed to go right, which was especially frustrating because I had ambitions. I didn’t like where I was, and I could see that something better was ‘over there.’ I just didn’t have a clue how to get there.”

She says that when she lost her only brother to sudden death, she finally reached the point where she looked in the mirror and said that she couldn’t do this anymore. She wanted to be happy.  

“I was simply ready to try something different,” Shadi explains. “That was when I discovered manifestation, which changed my life completely.”

Shadi was ready to change her mindset and to reject old ideas that had led her nowhere. When her mentality began to change for the better, she encountered people who helped her along her manifestation path.

“My masters were incredibly kind people,” she says. “They recognized my potential and taught me how to connect with the universe. In under a year, I transformed into the manifestation magnet that I am today.”

The difference in Shadi’s life was remarkable. Her self-esteem improved, and she began to attract a different crowd of people. Most importantly, she manifested her dream life, including her dream partner, dream career, dream income, dream inner peace, and dream lifestyle while she got over the loss of her brother and attained peace and acceptance.  

“I remember waking up one morning and feeling totally at peace,” Shadi says. “I felt like I had closed the chapter on an old life that no longer fit me. I was more than ready to explore this new way of living and enjoy the journey, which has been life changing. I haven’t looked back – I am having too much fun!”

Now that her life is on track and clicking, Shadi is devoting herself to helping other people experience the same guaranteed metamorphosis through the “DIY Your Happy Life Online Workshop,” which launches on July 2, 2022. 

“Everywhere I go, I find people who are hungry to understand how they, too, can align their energies with the new energies of the universe faster and easier,” she says. “They can sense that the magical powers of the universe and within human beings can help them to achieve their desired lifestyle. They are simply like I was – aware that there is something better waiting for them but unsure how to attain it.”

In the “DIY Your Happy Life Online Workshop”, Shadi reveals all her secrets, her methods and tools that helped her to manifest her miracle like dream life. The cost of the workshop, which is currently on pre-sale promotion for $200 discount, includes lifetime access to its materials, plus a lifetime monthly update of each month’s specific full-moon and new-moon rituals. “I am building a real tribe of people who are ready to have better,” she says. “I am so excited about inspiring attendees to manifest what they have always wanted to have.” 

To help more people experience change in their lives, Happy Life Coaching & Consulting is also offering an energy balancer manifestation kit. “This is magical,” Shadi says. “It is a beautiful crystal-charged vision journal that amplifies the manifestation process. It includes real, high-quality crystals attached to every page inside the journal to help the energies of manifestation work faster and more smoothly.” 

The journal, which is blessed during a full-moon ritual, includes magical mantras that help the person’s mind connect to the journal as well as picture slots where the user can attach pictures of their dream life. The kit also includes five feng-shui manifestation pieces and tools to make sure the user aligns the energies of their home and sets the energy rotation in the proper way for the best manifestation results. While Shadi is only making 100 kits per month, she has plans to grow her team and increase production. 

To reach more people in need of inspiration, Shadi is preparing to release DIY Your Happy Life, her book that details all the secrets of her journey and life story. It goes into more depth how she managed to transform her life from lower than rock bottom to where she is today using the new energy frequencies of the world. Shadi is today manifesting to attract an amazing literary agent whose energies align with hers to help her publish her book out to the world. 

“If you understood where I came from, you would be amazed by where I am today,” Shadi believes. “I have achieved balance with the universe and have manifested the life I have always wanted to have. Now it’s time for me to give back to others by sharing with them what I have learned. People can experience that same peace and success, and I can’t wait to show them how.”


For more information about Spiritual/Magical Life Transformation Coach Shadi Amiri and her “DIY Your Happy Life Online Workshop”, please visit

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