Young Adult by Joseph Cedar Review

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In a review of the film “Young Adult” by Joseph Cedar, the author suggests that “Young Adult” is a pretty good film. The film itself was very well written and done, and I enjoyed it. Cedar’s other films are well worth a look, as are other pieces of literature or movies based on books.


“Young Adult” is a story about Khalid and his life at school. Khalid is by no means a bad person, but he has been bullied for many years. He was especially singled out when he joined the band, because they were all accepted. The more he tried to fit in, the more others targeted him, and the more they hated him.

He did have a terrible feeling that this day would come and nothing could stop it. His only way out was to join the band, and make himself popular. He did this well, and everyone loved him.

Khalid joined the junior band leader, who was made fun of for not being able to play the guitar, so Khalid stood up in front of the band and started playing. Everyone cheered and loved him. They loved him more than his own parents.

Once Khalid had been made a senior band leader, he was in charge of much more, such as who went where, and so forth. Everyone loved him, and the senior band leader became jealous.

After meeting with his superiors to discuss this, Khalid learns that the junior band leader planned on abusing him and making fun of him in front of the rest of the band. After Khalid stands up for himself, he finds out that the senior band leader was right, and he was in fact in the wrong place at the wrong time. Khalid is too far behind to get back, so he decides to go on, and play for everyone who loves him.

He is cheered, and the band loves him. The band tries to get him to quit, and then at the last minute, when he does decide to leave, he finds that he has a new band, and they can not afford to hire him. This causes him to want to continue to play for everyone. He finally joins this band, because he wants to keep playing.

“Young Adult” is a good film that entertains children. There is no nudity or sex, and the film was made without violence. There is an undercurrent of drama with characters that are real and you can relate to. I liked it and would recommend it to anyone.

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