Thomas Hutteau Works with Two of the Hottest Artists, Chloe Lilac and Caro Juna

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Thomas Hutteau is a camera operator that specializes in Steadicam. “I am responsible for the technical setup of the Steadicam system and for balancing the camera on it,” Thomas explains. “My job is to collaborate with the director of photography and the musicians to capture the shots.” This involves a wide range of knowledge of photography, cinematography, and choreography to ensure all the shots are clear with the correct angles with the right lens, filter, speed, and tone. 

Thomas’s past work ranges from shooting music videos to feature films. One of his most recent jobs was for Brooklyn-based alternative pop artist Chloe Lilac’s “10 Things” Official Music Video. Chloe Lilac’s “10 Things” is especially intriguing because of the camera angles that appear to come in and out of nowhere and the quick movements that cut from one scene to the next. These scenes piece together what Chloe’s intention is – releasing her pent-up rage while discussing the absolute turmoil of her last relationship. The attention given to the singer’s lips features intermittent close-ups to convey the most critical parts of the artist’s story. 

Cutaway, and we see Chloe dragging a baseball bat in an abandoned school building lit by neon flashing lights. “There was a lot that went into post-production for this video,” Hutteau states. “The artist wanted something very retro but with a modern feel.” The video is very reminiscent of the videos that came out of the ’90s. “That was her intention,” Hutteau states. “Her music, as well as her look, poses a very raw and grungy feel.”

Chloe’s video was just released, and people are already commending the singer for her new track and music video. “I’m so proud of this video,” Chloe emphasizes. “This is my favorite music video I’ve put out so far.” She continues enthusiastically, “I’m so grateful to all the talented, amazing people who made it happen!”

Caro Juna’s “Unalone’s” Official Music Video was another job Thomas Hutteau previously worked with on the set. Both artists are incredibly powerful musicians. Just in framing and operating, you can see that Hutteau had a powerful influence on the creative message the artists were relating to their audiences. 

Caro Juna is another Brooklyn-based artist. She has a vision of herself that stems from her Japanese and Korean roots. “Her message is one of self-discovery in a modern world,” Hutteau shares. “She is very sure of herself artistically, yet she claims to be on a journey of self-discovery.” In her video, you can see this as she uses several artistic mediums to convey her message, but her lyrics and facial expressions are sincere.

“This one also involved a great deal of post-production work,” Hutteau explains. “Both artists had been plotting their music video journey throughout the pandemic.” When it came time for production, both musicians claimed they had a vision in mind; they just needed to piece it together. With the help of a production crew and Thomas Hutteau, they made their visions a reality.

That’s why I love shooting music videos and working with musicians. They have already imagined everything in their mind, and our job is to figure out how we can make it real. “When artists say that the video turned out exactly how they imagined it, it makes me feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do.,” Thomas Hutteau states. “It’s great to work with musicians that can come up with ideas and surprise you.” Combine something from the artist and something from the tech crew, and you can make something magical.

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