Meet Dwight Morrison, Changing How Students Around the World Connect

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At PS Remember, Dwight Morrison, CEO and co-founder, is changing the lives of countless students around the globe. The social media platform connects students past, present, and future from over 2.5 million schools, including colleges and universities in 147 countries.

Dwight’s vision encompasses every school, university, and student on the planet. “Consider the potential impact. Over 7 billion people live on this planet, and 586 million are currently attending high school. Then you factor in another 207 million who are attending college. You then begin to see the enormous potential PS Remember has to help people who want to find students they went to school with decades ago.” 

With PS Remember’s help, students no longer face traditional barriers like time zones or borders to finding their classmates. A student at UCLA can log on to PS Remember and connect with a peer who is now living in England.

An undertaking like this takes the talents of many people, Dwight says. “I work with our developers, programmers, and designers to implement the right functionalities that are relevant to the services to which PS Remember provides.” He is also responsible for the finances of the company, securing the right investors, and building a strong team.

Dwight credits much of PS Remember’s success to his wife, Angelique Morrison, who figured out where and how to gather the names and locations of every college and university in over 147 countries. “We wanted to connect students on a global scale, but we were ignorant of the process that would yield such benefits. My wife spent two years overcoming that challenge, and she really pushed our organization along.”

Today, part of the success of PS Remember is due to it having the largest and most comprehensive database of kindergartens, high schools, colleges, and universities worldwide. Not even Google and Facebook is larger. 

The tenacity of the staff was really tested when they faced researching war-torn countries Syria. Many schools were destroyed, and their students were scattered around the world. “The names and locations of those schools were crucial, but they longer existed. Finding our way around that problem was important. It could have derailed the success of PS Remember.”

Dwight believes PS Remember has a strong future. “In five years, we hope to have connected over 100 million students in over 147 countries. Anyone, whether they are a student now or have already finished their education, will be able to find any classmate using our search engines.”

To take the organization this far, Dwight has relied on his leadership and his sense of responsibility. “My focus is absolute. I believe I have a sacred duty to lead well the people who look up to me. I am guided by a cause much greater than myself. I am uniquely positioned to bring forth a platform that will change the lives of millions.”

For the next generation of innovators, Dwight has some advice.

“Be tenacious. Open yourself to learning new ideas. While it’s sometimes hard, take advice and criticism. Find a mentor who can guide you through the process of achieving your goals for your company. Most importantly, love what you do. Change lives, and you will change the world.”

As Dwight says, success may not come easily, but you can find it. It’s all about providing a service that will improve the lives of millions of people around the world.



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