Angelique Morrison, Vice President and Co-Founder of PS Remember Inc.

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Finding your classmate from kindergarten is easier now because of PS Remember, a social media site that connects students in more than 2.5 million schools around the world. This is due in part to Angelique Morrison, the organization’s vice president and co-founder. Morrison maintains a powerful database designed to help students in more than 100 countries find each other and stay in contact online. 

“Our database is amazing. No matter where a student is in the world, no matter how much time has passed since they last saw their classmate, they can find that person. It even allows users to get help with research and homework assignments.”

Angelique’s work for the social media platform involves gathering data for the database, and she meticulously optimizes and ensures its accuracy. Her ability to speak English, Spanish, and French has enabled her to communicate with the Ministry of Education of many countries, allowing her to keep PS Remember’s school database up to date. 

This work, while satisfying, has had a few difficult days. “I encountered some ministries of education who were at first apprehensive about giving us comprehensive details about their nation’s education system. I had to use my ability to speak several languages, interpersonal skills, and patience to build a rapport with them. This took several months and could be frustrating at times, but eventually, the data was released and given to our company. The result is that we are able to connect more and more students. Our database is now more extensive than even Google’s.” 

Colleges and universities are seeing the benefits. “Administrators in over 100 countries can now connect with students and other institutions, letting them present their programs to potential students. International education for students is changing because of this app. The ramifications for education are incredible.”

The future and its possibilities are never far from Angelique’s mind. “The student population will never stop growing. Every day, there is always someone who is either graduating, attending school, or planning to attend school. PS Remember’s potential is exponential. In 2026, I believe every student in the world who has ever attended or who will attend high school, college, or university will be connected on our platform.”

PS Remember transcends boundaries because of the universal appeal of social media. By 2025, almost 4.41 billion people will be using social media every day. “People need connections. They need to interact and network with each other. This is why PS Remember is so compelling. Its very mission resonates with people around the globe.”

She has a special heart for the next generation of entrepreneurs, whose overall goal is to fulfill a need. She knows from experience that there will be days they will want to give up. She advises them to first remember why they embarked on the journey. They should remember the need they were trying to fill. “When you inevitably want to give up, remember that what you are doing will help someone. That will motivate you to persevere. Focus no matter what happens, and you will reach your goal.”

Success can be elusive some days, but Angelique believes it will come through tenacity and self-motivation. “Giving up cannot be an option. By continuing, you will improve a person’s life with your idea. Be courageous so that you can accomplish your goals in spite of obstacles. Be bold, and you will break down barriers.”

As a woman of vision and purpose, Angelique knows she is capable of leading the new generation of problem solvers and great minds.  As a scientist in biotechnology, she takes seriously her responsibility to research new and innovative technologies that will enhance and increase the efficiency, security, and inclusion of PS Remember as a social media platform. 

“Ultimately, I love what I do because I provide opportunities for others and give back to the world.”


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