This new evidence shows nicotine might prevent smokers from catching coronavirus

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Nicotine could prevent smokers from catching coronavirus, according to new research in France, but the evidence also shows that once caught, the disease is more serious if patients happen to be smokers.

The study suggests nicotine potentially blocks the virus from attaching to cells. Doctors had noticed a low number of smokers among patients being treated for coronavirus which was not statistically proportionate.

They plan to conduct further clinical trials if authorized by French health authorities. The authors of the study do not however advocate smoking as a panacea for coronavirus, because of the health issues linked to nicotine usage.

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In France, researchers at Paris’s Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital quizzed 480 sick patients with the virus and established that only 5% were smokers – lower than the average 35% rate seen in the country.

If approval to continue the research is given, they plan to ask health workers to wear nicotine patches, in order to monitor infection rates.

The research seemed to tally with data seen last month in the New England Journal of Medicine which investigated the impact of smoking on Chinese coronavirus patients. In China, around 26% of the population are smokers but the research showed just 12.6% of 1,000 people infected in China were smokers.

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