What is Horseracing?

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Last year was the Super Bowl for the third time and the seventh year of the game itself. With the regular season over and the championship round now just a few weeks away, a lot of interest has been built around the next Super Bowl. Here are a few things to look forward to in the months leading up to the big game.

Super Bowl 2020

Halo Wars 2 This is the first new Halo game from Microsoft since Halo 4, which came out last year. In fact, Halo Wars 2 looks almost exactly like Halo Wars. It includes similar maps, units, strategies, and even game modes like the RTS battle mode, the battles between two teams, and the team death match that’s currently popular. Although there won’t be a major release until later this month, players who have already purchased the game and played it on Xbox Live are invited to test it out.

Boston Sports Talk It was rumored during the Super Bowl that ESPN was going to start airing football games, but the NFL didn’t want them to do that and wouldn’t let them have access to their coverage. Now that the news about ESPN taking sports away from them has become public, they’re going to try to get into the football game with sports talk. Sports Talk would only be shown if the game was played in Boston, and it might be only available in the national feed if the game was played in Los Angeles.

Making the Projector News once again wants to show a movie about Super Bowl. It will probably show clips from Super Bowls past, show old shots of the original Super Bowl game, and reveal what it’s like to be at the Super Bowl, which of course is very different from what it was like before all of the technology became a thing. Some of the big names are attached to the project, including Quentin Tarantino, Matthew McConaughey, and James Franco. It’ll be interesting to see if any of these directors can pull off an authentic and exciting movie with technology that hasn’t changed all that much. Total Chaos The new game coming out this year in Japan is called Total Chaos. It’s not a new game, but it’s a new game that take place entirely in Japan. It’s the third game in the main series, but it’s the first that doesn’t feature any of the main characters from the previous games, which means that no one will remember who all of the characters are in the future.

Chipotle Season This year, Chipotle will be hosting its own Super Bowl party. That’s the kind of thing that gets people excited, and some people will probably show up just because they love Chipotle. With lines forming outside of locations and online petitions going up, you can bet that more people will be making their way to the Super Bowl party than ever before.

Alcohol tasting Horseracing is an event that’s already been happening for years, but the Super Bowl is the year that it will officially be an official event. People who are invited to the event will be served drinks, along with hosts and celebrities, and the winner of the event will have to choose one of two types of prizes. One of those prizes is having a bottle of booze thrown at them. Another is being made into a dart board.

These are just a few ideas that will probably be shown during the Super Bowl, and some will probably be shown by the NFL, but they’re just a sampling of things that are happening in this year’s Super Bowl and beyond. So be sure to keep your eyes out for all of them!

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