Jaipur Novels – Aisha

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The series of scenes, which took place in London, takes us to the court of Khalid on a former King’s yacht. It is there that we meet Faraaz, a butler who runs the party, an evening held at the palace by Khalid. Faraaz, is a close confidant of King Khalid. He helped him with certain affairs which did not seem to suit him.


Aishah introduces her brother Hamed, who she calls to take part in the affair. She claims that he had been tortured and told that he was married to his servant, but the story seems to be a bit far-fetched. We see many women being taken to the boat, including that of the widowed Aishah.

Aishah is seduced by the attractive Prince, Khalid. She believes that he has everything in order and therefore cannot decide to leave him. The two then fall in love with each other and are seen kissing as they make their way out of the boat.

Then, a two-hour game of poker is played between the king and his court. Faraaz who manages the people, is playing and takes the money from the king. His treacherous character is revealed and he is imprisoned. The game ends with the king abandoning his home and ending up in the luxurious palace.

King Khalid, becomes a strong and beautiful man. His maid, Aishah who is said to be a friend of the crown prince, is found naked on the bed. The king is enraged and when Faraaz comes out to get Aishah, the latter pleads with the king to give her some time to think about her decision. The game continues and the money is returned to the king.

Then, it is time for Aishah to marry a rich prince. The people at the palace say that he has always shown kindness to the servants and that she will be treated well. On the contrary, he takes Aishah to the brothel.

Soon after, the story is changed. Aishah is already married and becomes a widow when the wedding feast breaks up. The scenes of her mourning is well-choreographed and so is the end of the story.

Aishah has never been identified in any other story. The kingdom of Jaipur had been involved in some things that were not in accordance with the laws of justice.

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