Who Will Be the Hottest Shows of 2020?

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Who do you think the hottest shows of 2020 are? You can begin to narrow down your list by taking a look at what else is happening in the media today. Take some time and consider what the best television shows for the next five years will be. After all, if there are more exciting shows in the pipeline, it would be great to see them on TV and soon.

Hottest Shows of 2020

First, let’s take a look at the smartest shows out there. Marvel Television has a lot of exciting stories in the works. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has already started to explore what happens to the characters after the end of The Avengers. Agents of SHIELD is going to feature some interesting characters as well. Their TV show will have plenty of action and intrigue, so this one is definitely top of the list.

On the drama side of things, FX has some great dramas like Fargo and Justified as well as other sharp new shows like American Horror Story: Hotel and Archer. Their future is bright as far as drama goes. It seems that there is so much to look forward to with FX in the future.

International productions will also be a big deal in the future. HBO has been producing plenty of intriguing documentaries for years. Take a look at the Making a Murderer documentary and their upcoming season of Westworld. HBO may be best known for some movies, but they are not afraid to move ahead and make something new. There are only a few more movies left on the horizon, so there is plenty of room for incredible shows.

Since so many people are working in the entertainment industry, there are going to be a lot of talented people who are making the future’s hottest shows in 2020. HBO’s True Detective and Sundance TV’s Fargo have shown that there is no shortage of great storytelling in the television world. If you were wondering where new shows were headed, these are some of the shows you should be watching for the next few years.

When it comes to creating new shows, Netflix is definitely leading the way. Not only do they have tons of original programming, but they also create shows based on old popular properties. You can expect all the classics to come back and get updated in the coming years. As long as you can keep up with current movies, you will always have something to watch on Netflix.

One place that continues to create new shows is FX. They are offering the most current programming. They continue to add new shows each year and have established themselves as a leader in the new shows of the future.

In the end, who do you think the hottest shows of 2020 are? With so many shows out there and plenty of great talent behind them, you just never know.

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