Who Will Be the Next Personality on Oprah?

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After a life spent up in her seat, it seems that Oprah has finally decided to hang up her microphone and give up the battle. Now Oprah will just be a regular daytime talk show host, it seems. But before she does, she may want to check out some of these other popular daytime TV stars:


Steve Harvey – One of the biggest things you will learn about when it comes to Steve Harvey is that he is extremely friendly and extremely funny. He has become one of the top three most popular daytime talk shows on television. This is a big reason why Steve Harvey was the choice for Oprah.

Matt Lauer – In terms of his personal and professional life, Matt is a super funny guy. He comes across as a real softie who could actually help people and could not see himself being “cheated on” by anyone. If you are one of those people who is trying to win someone over or make up with an ex-lover, Matt Lauer could be your guy. He makes people laugh and many a female has come away from his shows having had a lot of laughs.

Jimmy Kimmel – With his humor and warmth, Jimmy Kimmel may be the easiest of the three to get along with. He may seem like your average guy, but if you listen to his shows, you will find that he is actually a very funny guy. He seems to really love what he does and is super sweet. Perhaps this will endear him to Oprah and help him get her to reconsider.

Bill O’Reilly – Does Bill O’Reilly have what it takes to be a daytime talk show host? With his wit and his personality, he certainly could be. He has many times gotten into hot water with advertisers for various reasons, but that has not stopped him from being a success on television. He may be one of the few hosts that Oprah would want to hire to be her own private secretary.

Probably none of these three has been known to take on bigger roles in the future. Each of them is popular, but they have never really been known for any of the usual daytime TV celebrity roles. So maybe Oprah will call each of them and talk to them about a possible job as a daytime talk show host.

But why not check out Facebook too? There is a whole community that is dedicated to people like you and me who are all just waiting for someone to call up and invite them onto one of the famous daytime talk shows. You can learn a lot about your favorite celebrity and that is why a lot of us are really looking for online forums where we can find one that suits us best. Get involved and start gathering your friends and you might just be the next celebrity, thanks to Oprah!

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