New material created that can withstand very high pressures

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There is a “result that seemed impossible” in the press release about a new goal that was achieved by a group of scientists from the MISIS National University of Science and Technology together with other Swedish and German colleagues. Researchers have managed to create material at very high pressure that manages to maintain its structure and thus its properties, even at normal atmospheric pressure.

The study, published in Nature Communications, describes the experiment carried out by the researchers: they placed the rhenium and nitrogen in a diamond anvil and the latter was compressed and heated with a laser at over 1700 ° Celsius. At pressures ranging from 400,000 to 900,000 terrestrial atmospheres, the researchers obtained a special material made of a monocrystalline structure based on rhenium.

“Normally, materials obtained at very high pressures cannot retain their properties after extraction from the diamond anvil, but this time our colleagues were pleasantly surprised. Of course, this result required an explanation, so we modelled the process on our supercomputer. The theoretical results confirmed the experimental data provided and the explanation, both for the unusual properties of the new material and for the possibility of synthesis, not only in extreme conditions, but also in normal conditions of the earth,” says Igor Abrikosov, one of the researchers study.

The same researchers have also developed a new technology to recreate this material in more “trivial” conditions, without the complex procedure that requires the use of an anvil with micro diamonds.

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