$tar Coin Jumps: $tar Coin’s First Two Events Will Thrill Token Holders

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$tar Coin, the new digital currency that rewards holding, has been enthusiastically received by entertainment lovers since its launch on August 15. With ICO sales still strong, it is clear that film director Jack Settipane and producer Bruce “Bud Rebel” Weinfeld, $tar Coin’s co-founders, have tapped into a the curiosity of many people who are intrigued by a cryptocurrency that will allow them to experience the upper echelon of society. The coin gives them the ability to network with celebrities and entrepreneurs at $tar Coin-premiere events, take exclusive vacations in Los Angeles and New York City, and hang out with $tar Coin Brand Ambassadors Nashla Aguilar, Tavo Betancourt, Nick Merico, or Mark Thomas. It is, as Bud tells it, “OIL” (once in a lifetime) fun.

$tar Coin Holders: Get Ready to Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane.

For lucky token-holders who have jumped on $tar Coin’s sale price, it’s time for twenty of them to get ready for the first event to be held: skydiving at Skydive Sussex in October. If you’ve never jumped out of an airplane before, get ready for the thrill of a lifetime. As Jack says, “You’ll first meet other $tar Coin holders, a very interesting and diverse group of people, and then be paired up with a certified skydiver, who will do a tandem jump with you and take care of everything. That includes pulling that crucial ripcord!”

Jack explains that your instructor will explain all safety procedures to you and stick with you as you fly up to 14,500 feet (the highest jump in the Northeast). “The exciting part will be when the door of the plane opens. Back on the ground, you’ll rejoin other $tar Coin members and no doubt talk about what it was like to skydive.”

Space for the event will be limited, and invites for the exclusive will be sent out to all members that qualify for the skydive perk. Members who qualify for this perk can also claim it on their own time after tokens are distributed in October.

$tar Coin Will Have Its First Exclusive Rooftop Party.

For those token holders who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, $tar Coin is having an event that will be just as memorable. In September, Jack and Bud will be hosting a rooftop event in LA for all $tar Coin members. 20 of $tar Coin’s regular members will be invited at random while all higher tiers will be able to attend. “You’re going to love the party we have planned for you,” Bud promises. “LA is gorgeous at night, so the views of the city from the rooftop will be incredible. The music, of course, will make the event even better, as will our drinks. You’ll be able to network with celebrities and enjoy photo ops. Can you imagine the photos you’ll be able to put on your Facebook and Instagram pages? That’s going to be a very memorable night for all of us, don’t you think?”

These Events Are Just the Beginning for $tar Coin Holders.

With November’s community concert fast approaching, holders of $tar Coin will continue to be treated to experiences they will never forget. “It all starts with purchasing our tokens,” Jack says. “Check out our website to see what holding just one coin can give you: the opportunity to see how the 1% live and have experiences you cannot get anywhere else.”

For more information about $tar Coin, please see:

Website: https://www.starcoinofficial.com/

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB): https://www.facebook.com/people/tar-Coin/100070040341630/

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR): https://twitter.com/starcoinofficia?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/starcoin_official/


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