Should You Work With Jeff Bezos?

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Before we look at the website and see whether or not it is a legitimate business or just another scam, let’s consider whether or not Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) and Amazon are a good match. Bezos, like Jeff, was once an Ivy League graduate with no money and no job when he started Amazon and made a fortune.

Think about this: Bezos came to college with nothing, after being rejected by all of the best universities. Think about that: he only had two items in his possession, but he had a genius mind. Think about this: when he was a high school student he burned down his house to make a better life for himself.

If you think about it, Bezos had a hell of a time getting accepted to Princeton and Harvard! In the same way, if you think about it, if Bezos had applied to work for Amazon instead of Harvard, he would be working in the same place today.

Bezos have much in common, which is why people wonder whether or not they should work together. Now, Bezos is one of the smartest people who has ever lived.

What does Bezos like to do when he is not in charge of the company? He likes to go on the ski slopes in Aspen and Vail, Colorado, he likes to take long trips to Europe and visit all of the places where he loves to learn new things.

Think about this: what Bezos does not know, Bezos wants to find out. So, if Bezos was to come up with an idea for Amazon and work with someone who knows how to launch a successful online business, they would make some great money and improve their lives tremendously.

So, if you are wondering whether or not you should work with an entrepreneur who made it big without spending any money, it might make sense to focus on someone who has found success without having to spend any money. Bezos makes an excellent choice for a mentor and business partner.

May I suggest that you take a look at “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill? You may be amazed at the benefits that you can receive from this book. You can also find other resources online that can help you.

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