US IPO Week Ahead: An empty calendar and a quiet week for the IPO market

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There are no IPOs scheduled for the week ahead.

The most likely April IPOs
Despite the encouraging market rally this past week, the Renaissance IPO Volatility Index is still about double the five-year average and few companies have filed, indicating the IPO market’s slow April will continue.

April’s headline IPO could come from grocery giant Albertsons Companies (ACI), which is benefiting from a surge in demand and low interest rates. With successful public debuts from Keros Therapeutics (KROS) and Zentalis Pharmaceuticals (ZNTL), the most likely IPO launches include several biotechs, such as oncology-focused Ayala Pharmaceuticals (AYLA) and ORIC Pharmaceuticals (ORIC), ENT biotech Lyra Therapeutics (LYRA), and CNS drug developer NLS Pharmaceuticals (NLSP). Massive capital raises by biotech VCs also indicate investor optimism in the space.

Ayala Pharmaceuticals (AYLA) $50M 03/06/2020 Citi
Phase 2 biotech developing small molecule therapies for aggressive cancers.
Lyra Therapeutics (LYRA) $58M 03/06/2020 BofA
Phase 2 biotech targeting ear, nose, and throat diseases.
NLS Pharmaceuticals (NLSP) $40M 02/28/2020 Maxim Group
Developing controlled-release formulations of approved drugs for ADHD and narcolepsy.
ORIC Pharmaceuticals (ORIC) $86M 02/28/2020 Roth Cap.
Phase 1 biotech developing small molecule therapies for treatment-resistant cancers.

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One lock-up period will be expiring in the week ahead. On Tuesday, 4/14: BellRing Brands (BRBR).

IPO Market Snapshot
The Renaissance IPO Indices are market cap weighted baskets of newly public companies. As of 4/8/20, the Renaissance IPO Index was down 14.2% year-to-date, while the S&P 500 was down 14.9%. Renaissance Capital’s IPO ETF (NYSE: IPO) tracks the index, and top ETF holdings include Uber (UBER) and Spotify (SPOT). The Renaissance International IPO Index was down 9.9% year-to-date, while the ACWX was down 21.7%. Renaissance Capital’s International IPO ETF (NYSE: IPOS) tracks the index, and top ETF holdings include Meituan-Dianping and Adyen.The article US IPO Week Ahead: An empty calendar and a quiet week for the IPO market originally appeared on IPO investment manager Renaissance Capital’s web site

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