Priyank Chopra – The Age of Insight Review

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Priyank Chopra’s latest book “The Age of Insight” is a journey through his career in medicine and healing. The book contains 12 sections with different topics and guests. Each chapter contains an introduction, five sections, the overview of the subject, question and answer section, and the conclusion.

Priyank Chopra

It has intelligent humor, useful information, and wonderfully illustrated practice with health practitioners, including weight loss, meditation, Ayurveda, and more. This book not only explores his successful life as a physician, but also reveals how he became a practitioner of healing, of philosophy and of healing through music.

The book’s summary states, “Chopra interweaves a broad, dramatic narrative with a series of well-chosen anecdotes. The best stories are from those Chopra most admires and trusts. He quotes liberally, but with admirable restraint, highlighting his own gifts, teaching a valuable lesson about the value of wisdom, and probing with humor. These qualities will resonate with readers of any age.”

I enjoyed reading about Dr. Chopra’s experiences with Kurt Himmler and was surprised to learn that Dr. Chopra did not join the Nazi party during World War II. In fact, after he married Pearl Kirby, one of the women murdered at Auschwitz, he decided to dedicate his life to helping others who were in similar situations. “I don’t want to be known as Hitler’s doctor,” he said.

“Age of Insight” is an inspirational book filled with positive stories and positive changes in his patients. One of my favorite stories, though, comes from a young girl who shared that her parents were divorced when she was five, and that her father’s family had thrown her out of their home. Dr. Chopra took the girl in, gave her a home to live in, and taught her how to respect herself and work hard at being a better person. She later changed her name to Princess Maryalice and was a philanthropist in Africa.

Another story is of an American woman named Rosa, who was widowed at age fifty after being struck by a bus while crossing the street. The road was icy, and she could not cross safely. She asked Dr. Chopra to help her get back on the road, and he immediately responded, through humor, about her getting injured while driving.

The book includes stories from people who are aged sixty and older, many of whom are baby boomers. One book review describes this book as a “richly nuanced examination of how individuals transform themselves through the wisdom they receive.” It is heartening to learn that, despite his age, Chopra still puts his heart into the stories he tells.

My friend, Priyank Chopra, once described a typical day at the office as “the earth that gets finished getting done by the earth.” I agree, and “The Age of Insight” is the earth from which the book was written. A warm compliment for a man who is truly an inspiration.

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