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In the book by Lawrence Watt-Evans, Khalid has the ability to see very well and he can read minds. He is quite critical of this ability and does not want people to have the ability so he keeps it under lock and key.


As a young boy in Egypt, Khalid never understood why he was born with a talent for reading minds. His mother wanted him to have other talents and for him to do his chores around the house. She told him that if he had these talents he would be doing well in school and he would eventually become the great scholar that his mother was trying to make him.

The truth is that when he was just a little boy, Khalid’s readers eyes were opened and he was able to understand that he could use his mind to manipulate what people would think. This was the beginning of the great conspiracy that Khalid was not supposed to know about.

Khalid also knows that it is only a matter of time before his abilities as a reader will become available to him. However, Khalid doesn’t want anyone else to be able to see into his mind. Therefore, he gets a group of women to do it for him.

It is not long before some of the women realize that they could be of help to him if they tried to communicate with the local police. Unfortunately, there are some who were out looking for a “hit” on a local cop and they are currently out searching for them.

As if this wasn’t enough, another group of women wants to kidnap the local police chief to be their lover. While all of this is going on, Khalid realizes that he needs to come up with a way to protect himself and his family.

He decides to protect himself and find a way to release his family from the minds of those who are after them. He uses one of his favorite methods; electrical pulses.

Khalid manages to get one of his friends to place his mind into a black box transmitter. The first thing that he does is change his own minds and he is able to get rid of everyone who was hunting him. Although he was successful in protecting himself, he is now on the run because the evil that he and his friends faced back in Egypt is still out there.

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