The Good Girl’s Revolt by Billie Eilish

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Reading my notes and getting my notes in order, have helped me a lot with the good new book, The Good Girl’s Revolt. The Good Girls Revolt is a very fun, fast paced read that I recommend everyone check out. It’s not a simple story; it takes some clever twists and turns before the plot actually starts to form.

Our young ladies of today have more responsibilities than ever before. Each of them has their own families, work, and personal lives. They have to learn how to be leaders and protectors.

Sarah Rudolphsson is a young woman who’s only goal in life is to get her mother out of prison. This is an extremely tough job; and Sarah isn’t so sure she can do it. Sarah’s mother, Elizabeth, is one of the most brutal, evil people you could ever meet. With all of the murders that go on in our family, Sarah must decide if she wants to just stand by and let this woman carry on doing what she does, or if she wants to do something about it.

Sarah discovers something very important about her mother; she doesn’t care if her mom is dead or alive. She’s willing to put the lives of her mother and her friends in danger just to show her daughter how much she hates her. She tells Sarah everything she wants to hear and Sarah feels like she’s losing her mind.

In Sarah’s book club she picks up an intriguing, hard-hitting story from a young lady named Kate Carson, who learned about a fight her mother had gone through with her boyfriend. During the course of the story Sarah discovers that the boyfriend was actually involved in a murder.

These two young women learn that their fathers are in jail for crimes they didn’t commit. Sarah has a lot to choose from in the book clubs but Kate is just barely left out. Sarah has no choice but to join Kate and then confront her mother.

We really loved this book, and we hope you will too. We found it to be entertaining and surprising at the same time. For someone who has never read a novel like this before, you will find that this book is easier to get into than many of the books you’ve read in the past.

This book is by an American Brit writer called Linda Inglesino. It’s hard to put down after you’ve finished reading it. We recommend this book to those who enjoy mystery novels, fantasy, and characters that are well developed.

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