A Man of Opposites by Khalid Rashid

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“A Man of Opposites” is a well-written memoir by Khalid Rashid, that contains true stories that will make you feel as if you have been there before. The author wrote a book on a level of detail that makes it very authentic and has done his best to come up with some of the most successful stories in business writing.


You could compare this story to “The Trial” by Franz Kafka. It is written in first person, and just as Kafka’s novel delves into a case, the author details a life of success, failure, disappointment, and being an aspiring businessman. The complexity of the “trial” that is “A Man of Opposites” is a part of the real deal.

The reader is able to watch the author’s journey as he wrote his memoir, and see how this memoir differs from other novels that are written about entrepreneurs. The memoir uses a combination of elements that make it the book that it is. Some of the stories may be true, while others are fictional.

A few of the stories are based on true events that John Kafka was involved in. However, the life of Khalid Rashid and many other participants of the memoir is a truly original and unique. It is the sort of story that has never been told before, and is probably a one-of-a-kind.

The book contains three parts, each of which offers special sections that keep it from becoming boring. This is a book that has different sections for readers to enjoy, from short stories, to interviews, to travel stories. Each section is very different from the other, and the book does a great job of providing reading material for each section.

A Man of Opposites is not something that you can read in one sitting. The author did a great jobof making sure that the memoir flows nicely and has a good bit of rewind, so you can continue to view the chapter as you go along. In fact, this can add another page or two to the memoir itself.

I was able to finish the memoir in about four days, and was able to go back and read through the chapters over again, which made it a joy to read. I really enjoyed all of the different sections that were included in the book. It was amazing how the author included the different sections in such a way that each section stood out, and the overall flow of the memoir was very successful.

A Man of Opposites by Khalid Rashid is an extremely interesting read, and while you do not have to take anything they say literally, the memoir is worth a look. If you are looking for a quick read that will give you a feeling of what it is like to be part of the Kafkaesque journey, this is an excellent choice.

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