The Benefits of Amazon Prime

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Many think that Amazon Prime means receiving all free two-day shipping, but it’s actually much more. Amazon Prime offers a monthly fee for unlimited delivery of selected products, making purchases within the United States a requirement, and is providing access to their members only website. For members of Amazon Prime, buying items from is simply a click away.

Amazon Prime

Because most of Prime’s great benefits include convenience, costs are often a factor. Amazon Prime members pay less than one percent for shipping and handling. And because Prime is only an additional cost on top of what you pay for your subscription, the cost is only one percent of your total bill. That’s cheaper than other methods of shopping online and many times cheaper than even the lowest-priced hotel room or car rental!

The best part about Amazon Prime is you can buy anything in one click. Find any item you want in the Prime store, and it will ship right to your door. No more trips to the mall, no more hunting through countless stores! All the same items are available with free two-day shipping. Your Prime membership gives you the same service as everyone else with little or no extra charge.

If you are already a member of, you can easily renew your membership by logging into your account and clicking the link in the email. Your membership will be automatically renewed on the same day that you add it, so you won’t have to wait until the next billing cycle to renew. Your Prime membership is also good for only two years.

For a small fee, you can buy items through the Prime website that aren’t available through With the Amazon Prime service, you can enjoy everything Amazon has to offer – books, movies, games, music, and electronics. You can even watch and download TV shows and movies that are not on the Amazon Video service, so you can be up and watching the next episode of “Friends” before it airs.

Amazon Prime is a very affordable option for anyone who wants to get great deals. You can find thousands of items for Prime members, so even if you don’t use, you can still get something from Amazon Prime. Prime members can save thousands of dollars a year on merchandise that they typically would not be able to afford. Amazon Prime members can get everything from everyday goods to the latest gadget and have it shipped right to their door. With Amazon Prime, you can purchase anything and be sure it will arrive quickly and in perfect condition.

Whether you are an avid shopper or someone who prefers to buy everything on the Internet, Amazon Prime is the right choice for you. You can save money on food, movies, and electronics. And you can enjoy easy access to all the latest movie releases, all the time. Amazon Prime members can even watch movies and TV shows on their PC or Mac with the Amazon Instant Video and Prime Video apps, so you can enjoy entertainment anywhere.

The best part about Amazon Prime is you can enjoy it without ever leaving home. No matter where you are, Prime members can be sure that their purchases will arrive at their door in a timely manner. And if you don’t feel like taking the time to shop for anything on, the Amazon Instant Video app is an affordable way to watch videos on your computer. Go ahead, join Amazon Prime and start enjoying the benefits of having a membership at no additional cost!

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