Why Oprah is So Popular?

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There is a growing trend amongst online visitors of Oprah.com that find the website to be of interest. The number of people visiting the site has increased considerably in recent years and the demographic of visitors is increasingly more diverse.


Oprah’s show started as a show about how she became successful but it was her persona that gave her such an enduring presence on the television and online world. She is loved by millions of people across the globe and she has won four Emmy Awards for her professional achievement.

People do love celebrities but there is also a backlash when they are indulged with a publicity stunt. The public has grown weary of being sold to by marketing ploys that make money for few while people are left with little or no benefit. This is why Oprah’s popularity is so important.

The growth of the website has been fuelled by talk show host and producer Pamela Roberts, who introduced Oprah.com and later came up with the idea of hiring a socialite to travel with her for some days. The experience was flattering enough for her but it had a beneficial side effect for the overall profile of the website.

When Pamela made the decision to offer the opportunity to join her journey with the website, there was a lot of interest in the website. The site’s success was due to the way the profile was presented to the general public. As it was only for a week and she was not an employee, this gave her a chance to introduce herself and build the trust of the general public.

Oprah’s popularity is the envy of many other major celebrities. She has become an icon in the form of a talk show host. The website can still hold its own by showing what is new and unique in Oprah’s life and setting out some examples of the programmes she is available to do.

The website is a second home for her and allows her to reconnect with people who have always been loyal to her but were never able to make it into her own world. It is possible that a majority of the online visitors of Oprah.com who find their way to the site visit to learn more about the celebrity.

The traffic plays a major role in making or breaking a website and whether or not it can be a success. Traffic is the lifeblood of any website and it is the main determining factor when it comes to monetizing the site. If you are able to harness that traffic to your advantage and create value for the people who visit you then you will have a very successful business.

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