What is the Most Popular Movie Genre on Netflix?

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“What is the most popular movie genre on Netflix?” you ask. As you read this article, you’ll discover that the movie genre that people are searching for the most on Netflix is not any of the movies you see in the theaters.


According to Google Trends, the most searched movie category is Science Fiction and Fantasy. All across the internet, you will find hundreds of thousands of people searching for things in this category. Is it surprising that most of the movies for science fiction and fantasy on Netflix are not even available on DVD? After all, why would someone choose to watch a DVD when they can go online and download thousands of movies for free.

This begs the question, “What other movie genres are there that people have trouble finding?” I think that the answer is much easier to find than you might think. All you need to do is look at the number of movie rentals in your local theater and you’ll find out what movie genre is dominating the industry.

The movie rental business is huge and finding movies is easy. If a movie is available on DVD, people will be able to rent it from the same store where they purchase a movie. So when you look at the number of rentals in your local theater, you will find that the genre that has the most DVDs sold is Action/Adventure.

While Action/Adventure is the biggest genre on Netflix, it is not the only genre on Netflix. They have other genres like Romance, Horror, Comedy, and more. Let’s take a look at the top five genres on Netflix today.

While Action/Adventure is the largest movie genre on Netflix, the second largest is War Drama. This genre is usually associated with war movies. Why is this? Well, many of the movies that come out of this genre are based on real life events.

For example, Saving Private Ryan is considered a war film because of the real life events that inspired the movie. The biopic about the World War II battles in Omaha Beach was made by a lot of real life people like Robert Flaherty and William Wyler. The three of them collaborated on the production of the film, making it a true story.

If you search for movies on Netflix, you’ll find that there are millions of movies for this movie genre. So if you’re having trouble finding movies that interest you, just search for movies that fall into the category of Action/Adventure. It may surprise you.

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