The Universal Truths of Life and Yoga

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Priyank Chopra is one of the most notable, a hundred best-selling authors on the subject of health and medicine. He is also a renowned Yoga guru, author of numerous books on it, and spiritual commentator on the subject.

Priyank Chopra

A self-proclaimed Christian and a personal non-profit entrepreneur, he believes that the benefits of holistic practices in the medical and health care industry are of spiritual importance. His writing is widely recognized and talked about, and his philosophy is something every yoga student should consider.

He believes that the spiritual aspect of our life is quite important and in turn faith involves following one’s soul. So, in essence, he argues that only when the heart’s purpose is unified and our inner soul is centered in the center of our being, we become capable of following the yogic principles of harmony and balance. The core principals in him are the same as what he calls “Universal Truths” which are something we all know already, but fail to connect with in our conscious thought, and which also affect how we choose to deal with life.

When we’re in the creative world, everything begins with our mind. And when we’re in the physical world, everything begins with our body. Priyank Chopra advocates the idea that the spiritual principals that are inherent in our life force, guides us towards the physical body, while the physical principles we draw from our lives, are what we ultimately utilize to form our bodies.

All of this is not to say that these principles are the sole motivating factors in our physical bodies. Rather, it is the principle that is used by Priyank Chopra to say that they can act in synergy to support our physical bodies to help us reach greater levels of awareness and to maintain that spiritual awareness to facilitate our spiritual growth.

You might be asking, however, why these spiritual principles have not been fully embraced by many of the traditions in yoga. While Priyank Chopra believes that it is important for yogis to follow the principles of yoga and health, he believes that it is imperative to also keep in mind the spiritual tenets to ensure that yoga and health are a whole unit. He says that the spirit in us is far more powerful than the physical; and this is true in everything we do in our lives, including our physical journeys.

He has been heavily involved in the development of these spiritual precepts and has used this influence to aid hundreds of thousands of individuals in their spiritual journeys. His popular yoga DVDs and books are both an amalgamation of these spiritual precepts, with the mantra you hear in his voice being translated into various forms of chanting. With these books, he has successfully put together a toolkit that will help all who are looking to learn more about what it means to balance their lives through the use of these guidelines, and the reason Priyank Chopra’s teachings are so important is because of this.

The spirit in us is just as important as the physical; and it is important that we stay aligned with this spirit. We must make sure that we are listening to this, or we will never experience the inner peace and inner sense of harmony that is possible with the right guidance from this spiritual source.

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