Priyank Chopra Talks About God

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Priyank Chopra is a versatile speaker, if we define versatility in the broadest sense. His use of his voice to explore philosophical and spiritual issues in a lucid and articulate way, has placed him among the most admired religious leaders in America.

Priyank Chopra

When he first entered into the world of academia in England, he always referred to himself as a spiritual humanist. He often said that he saw religion as being connected to the muscles rather than the brain. As a result, he does not get involved in the details of the Bible but the broader meaning.

Priyank Chopra described the basis of spirituality in his earliest work as A Course in Miracles. To an extent, what he did was to consider the whole issue of the soul as a manifestation of God’s purpose in creation. The world of human spirit is eternal and all people have the ability to transcend the physical world, and so their souls can roam freely and reach God. Priyank Chopra also discovered that we are born spiritually as infants, so we have the opportunity to learn to choose how we understand things.

Since then, there has been great demand for Priyank Chopra’s seminars in America. People came from all walks of life, looking for a speaker who could speak to their problems. Priyank Chopra teaches everyone how to take an honest look at life and see the meaning of it.

He gives guidance on how to create a relationship with God and gain insight into our spiritual journey. He explains that as humans, we only really understand God through God, so we must go back and tell God what we want to know about ourselves. In the last few years, the trend for Priyank Chopra’s seminars has been on a continual rise.

Priyank Chopra wants to equip each one of us with enough knowledge and wisdom to make life interesting. As a result, he starts each seminar by asking his listeners a question related to his main topic. He asks them to give him an honest answer.

If you are concerned about your relationship with God, Priyank Chopra will be happy to help you find out the answers to your spiritual questions. In fact, as he is a very popular spiritual leader, he often gets to address large audiences at some of the larger spiritual events.

Priyank Chopra wants us to understand that we are spiritual beings, but as humans, we do not understand fully how to access the God within us. His seminar “Freedom Through Science” provides the means for us to begin this journey.

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