Does Oprah Know Who She Is?

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I have never understood Oprah. In fact, when she does a talk show she claims that she believes everything she says. She has some really bad ideas for how to run your life and I have read quite a few of her books.


Oprah can appear to be a lot of things; strong, fair, and loving, but what she has done with her own image is to hide what she really is. She does not like being recognized by the public. She is the queen of talking heads, but is that the real person?

Just about everyone knows about Oprah or has heard about her, but that is not the same thing as having a great deal of confidence in the Internet. Many people get a bit embarrassed when you ask them who they are. Do not believe for a second that they want to tell you that they are a product of the worst thing on the face of the earth, Robert Kiyosaki’s choices. There is a problem with that theory too.

Oprah seems to find herself behind those walls that divide the rich and the poor. You can almost feel the greed in her voice as she talks about these issues. If that is not one large guilt complex, then I do not know what is. Yet, the irony of this is that Oprah has a net worth over a million dollars and yet she cannot bring herself to meet anyone from the underprivileged.

How can you be happy if you are surrounded by people who do not appreciate you for who you are? The underprivileged often find themselves without enough money to pay their bills and many of the corporations that are providing jobs today, had their start with very little, and at the time had to begin with government support. So, it is hard to take in the fact that the poor are better off than the people who seem to not even have a roof over their head. This is simply a fact.

So, is the race issue relevant here? No, because the government has spent a lot of money, in grants and tax incentives, in order to help make sure that everyone has enough money. That is good for everyone. Oprah does not come from a poor family but, she certainly is a product of an urban environment that is dominated by African-Americans. She has certainly benefited from that, and for that reason, she must continue to think about the underprivileged.

Are there other reasons why Oprah is so important to the underprivileged? Of course, it is the role she has filled for so many years that has given her a platform that she could not have imagined. She is probably the best known example of someone from a very poor background and is now able to show the world her wealth. Can you imagine a world where Oprah did not exist? There would be a lot of people left out.

There are not many people out there that Oprah has not helped, but I still have a problem with Oprah’s way of representing herself to the world. She could have easily made more money than she does, and had a higher self-esteem, but she has chosen to run from her true self.

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