Top Movies on Netflix – One Good Thing About Streaming

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If you are looking for great movies to watch on Netflix, here is a list of top twenty movies that you might want to try. You have to be able to withstand the occasional movie buffs.


All of the following movies can be seen on Netflix but not all of them can be rented in theaters. Watch them all when you have time and you’ll love them. They are also some of the best movies of their kind on the Internet and are worth a rental or a subscription.

The Best Man – During a long and troubled marriage, you must make a decision – do you stay with your unhappy spouse or can you reconcile and rebuild a relationship? Based on the novel by Anthony Hemingway, this film stars Gregory Peck, Ray Milland, and Donald Sutherland. This was the first major success for Roger Corman, who made a career out of making this type of films.

Wake in Fright – Also known as “Paranormal Activity” the movie was a huge hit for the movie theaters, but was also a huge hit on Netflix. It is about a couple who takes up residence in an old house, and then something comes to their home. Horror is the common theme, as there is a missing child.

Devil’s Advocate – Yes, you can watch this one on Netflix. When people are facing divorce, what better thing to do than watch a movie that is filled with funny scenes. The only thing that seems to be missing is a happy ending, but this is a classic. It is filled with a lot of suspense and is a cinematic masterpiece.

Big Fish – A lot of people aren’t fond of the cartoons of our childhood, but watching this on Netflix is more tolerable. In this movie, you will see more of the world of superheroes and super-villains. Your favorite superhero will try to get you into his club. He is referred to as “The Green Lantern”.

If you think you’ll need to watch one movie to get you started on the greatest action movie of all time, consider reading the reviews for and watching “Three Kings”. With an epic theme song, this is one movie you’ll not want to miss out on. The film tells the story of three Frenchmen who have stayed in India and ended up finding themselves fighting for their country against some Sikh terrorists.

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