Inspirational Things You Can Learn From Billie Eilish

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Billie Eilish is a highly accomplished vocalist. She has been known to perform all types of music ranging from ballads, country, jazz, and even hardcore rock and roll. Her favorite genre is country music and she can sing and dance her butt off on stage. Now that she has graduated from the world of singing and dance to the world of writing, she is setting her sights on writing movies.

Billie Eilish

Film is one of the most exciting things to be a part of as an artist. Being an actress is great but being a writer is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life. While there are many people who are writers, there are very few who can write a movie script as good as Billie Eilish can.

Billie’s passion for filmmaking comes from when she was a child. It started with being drawn to movies that were more involved with storylines and detailed storytelling.

Billie’s first script was a romance called “Old Man” where she played the title role. The movie was originally going to be written by Kevin Costner and it was going to star him as the main character. But when Costner’s own career went down the drain, he didn’t want to put out another film that would compete with his own.

Eilish then approached Michael Mann and Tommy Lee Jones to team up with him and write the screenplay for “Old Man”. It went on to be nominated for an Academy Award.

She has written many other screenplays including “The American Girl”, “Second Chances”, “Vanderpump Rules”, “Surfzilla”, “Unbelievable”, “Free Spirit”, “Gravity”, “Billie Jean”, “My Best Friend’s Girl”, “Dangerous”Madagascar”. “Jobs” is another of her screenplay works that she has penned.

She is determined to rise up through the film industry to become a writer like all the others before her. She has done her homework and is very motivated. Now that she has accomplished her dream of becoming a writer, it’s only natural that she would want to show everyone else how it’s done.

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