Artemis Vision: Creations from the Heart

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Whether you are a collector, a professional artist, or a hobbyist who likes to take out their sketchpad on the weekends and start drawing, you’re bound to be impressed by Artemis Vision, an innovative NFT marketplace that’s redefining how art is displayed and collected. Dean Kim and Danny Nunez, the platform’s founders, have created a site that combines the passion that all art lovers share with the latest NFT technology, and the result, Artemis Vision, is generating a lot of excitement.

Dean explains that Artemis Vision is resonating with many people because of the desire everyone has to express themselves. “We all have inner thoughts and ideas that we need to express, and art is a wonderful medium for that. We even have some celebrities who will be uploading their NFT artworks because they want to show the world more about who they are. What will make that even more exciting is Artemis Vision’s unique live video streamings and 360-degree videos. Imagine watching as your favorite celebrity uploads their creation and even talks about it a little. Now that’s fun, don’t you think?”

Services Offered by Artemis Vision

From there, the features only get better. Danny says that users of Artemis Vision will be impressed when they dig into the platform. “We’ve invested a lot of time and careful thought into what will provide the best experience for creators and collectors alike,” he states. “With that in mind, we made sure to incorporate stellar support for artists, NFT social management, custom NFT art consultation, and even an NFT Surprise Pack.”

Additionally, Artemis Vision takes its offerings a step further with its asset protection strategies, NFT broker service and consultation, strategies for simplifying governance framework, and intellectual property rights strategies.

Dean shares that creators and collectors will have the ability to monetize ads as well as receive Artemis Vision tokens. “Creator’s profiles will allow them to choose what smart chain to utilize for sales and receive contributions from fans. Ultimately, there is no aspect of Artemis Vision that we have not planned carefully so that the user’s experience is top notch.”

About the Creators of Artemis Vision

Dean states that he is a serial entrepreneur and a crypto evangelist and that he has a strong belief in constantly pivoting and adapting to the changing environment to survive in the ever-changing world. “I may be into computers, but I am inherently a people person. I have spent over twelve years managing and building sales teams and have helped to build national brands by working on more than 100 projects with them. Over the last few years, however, I’ve been cultivating a passion for cryptocurrency and am leveraging my extensive business experience to launch initiatives on the blockchain that are fully immersed in the times. My partner Danny and I have always wanted to do something big for the community, and that took us to where we are right now.”

Danny reveals that he’s got coding and computers in his blood. “I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in them. When I graduated from college, I went right into the industry. I started a web design company that specialized in Macromedia Flash, HTML, Adobe, and decoding ASP and PHP frameworks. I did so well that I worked with clients like All The Right Records, Menswear, Queens Finest, and DJ 360. I eventually got into telecommunications and had success with the premier retail locations I opened. I never forgot my first love, however, so when Bitcoin became popular, I got very interested. Then as the blockchain industry grew, so did NFTs, of course. At this point, I started brainstorming with Dean on the possibilities of NFTs, and Artemis Vision was born.”

The Future of Artemis Vision

Where will Artemis Vision go from here? “I think our future has no limits, really,” says Danny. “We have all heard about NFTs that sell for incredible prices. Remember, there was one that sold for a million dollars. Of course, we are not saying that artists who display their NFTs on Artemis Vision will have the same good fortune. However, the point is clear: NFTs are the future of art, and Artemis Vision is ready to help artists capitalize on them.”

Artemis Vision: An NFT Marketplace Like No Other

Until then, Dean hopes that all artists keep creating and uploading their NFTs to Artemis Vision. “We need you! We need your creativity and your incredible talent. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, keep uploading your creations to Artemis Vision. You are the heart of our NFT marketplace, and we will do everything possible to give you a platform that is built with one thing in mind: your success and enjoyment.”

For more information on Artemis Vision and on how you can have fun displaying and/or collecting NFT artworks, please see:


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