Covid-19: Doctors urge PM to keep measures after 19 July, and celebrities in jab campaign filmon July 3, 2021 at 8:23 am

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Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday morning.

Here are five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday morning. We’ll have another update for you tomorrow.

Just over two weeks before England is due to lift all coronavirus restrictions, doctors are urging the government to keep targeted measures in place amid an “alarming” rise in cases. All legal restrictions are due to be lifted on 19 July. But the British Medical Association said measures were crucial to protecting the NHS, people’s health, the economy and education. Dr Chaand Nagpaul, BMA council chairman, said the easing of restrictions was not a binary “all or nothing” decision and that “sensible, cautious measures” were still required. See how many cases are in your area. And what’s the roadmap for lifting lockdown?

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Coronavirus vaccines are now open to most of the UK population, but some people are still reluctant to get the jab. In a bid to encourage uptake, famous faces including actor Jim Broadbent and comedian David Walliams have appeared in a new campaign video. The video is set to the tune The Rhythm Of Life from the 1966 musical Sweet Charity, and sees a host of entertainers take to the stage and perform. More than 45 million people have had at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine in the UK.

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It’s been a difficult few months for many businesses, and few sectors have felt the pressure more than the hospitality industry. But the Euro 2020 football tournament has brought some welcome relief to some landlords – especially England’s upcoming match against Ukraine. Rick Robinson, owner of the Willoughby Arms, a sports pub in Kingston-upon-Thames, said the tournament had become a “lifeline”. The pub is completely booked up for the Three Lions match against Ukraine. Meanwhile, should we raucously celebrate a football win in a pandemic? And meet the fans who will be at the stadium in Rome for England’s quarter-final.

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Lee has been battling a drug addition for more than 20 years. When England first went into lockdown last year, support services moved online – something which Lee says “massively impacted” his recovery attempts. Research by the Forward Trust found that 37% of people in recovery from addiction before the pandemic have experienced a relapse or increase in addictive behaviour since lockdown. Lee says he went from taking drugs once a week to several times a day. “My addiction became disgusting. I wouldn’t want to eat, I’d just want to score,” he said.

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“I realised that playing really helped with my mental health. I could still have that social connection even while restrictions are in place,” Nathan Walters tells the BBC. He is one of many to have turned to Dungeons and Dragons during the pandemic. The fantasy game sees players devise characters such as elves, wizards and warlocks through role play. Although it’s usually played around a table, it has become popular online, like so many other activities in the past year.

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You can find more information, advice and guides on our coronavirus page.

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