The Cutest Gift for Any Family is Immortalized Children’s Drawings

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If you had to name one personalized gift from a child that would put a massive, ear-to-ear smile on your face, what would you answer? You would probably say it’s any piece of art that was created by the bundle of joy in your life. There is nothing purer and more expressive than a piece of art created by a child, reflecting everything they are and see in the world. That’s why we cherish these pieces of art with so much adoration and affection; we know how important they are.

One day, after receiving artwork from her nephews, Michael Volkmann, founder of Drawnies, wanted to configure a way in which these pieces of art would live on forever. She knew that the pieces of paper holding the artwork could break down, smudge, tear, or fade over-time. In that moment, she was willing to do anything to ensure the art lived on forever with her, so she could show it to every last person in her life.

Then, an idea sprung into her mind: what if the artwork was turned into a piece of jewelry? Something she could physically take with her everywhere she went? She could turn the artwork into both necklaces and key rings, for men and women around the world. The idea for Drawnies was born.

“We all want to take this artwork and bring it with us so we can show the other people in our lives. We are proud of what our children, nieces, and nephews have given us, and we want everyone else to know it. What better way to take this artwork with us than to turn it into physical pieces of jewelry?” said Michael. “No one had done it yet, so I wanted to be the first.”

Going Above and Beyond

Michael works hard with Drawnies to maintain a 99% customer satisfaction and 99% recommendation rate. The community has grown to over 70,000 parents who have already chosen to immortalize their children’s drawings in the shop. The team has the full capacity to meet huge demand for drawings, as more people than ever before are considering the power of turning a children’s drawing into a piece of jewelry.

Drawnies provides totally unique, handcrafted, and quality pieces of jewelry for all customers, diving into their love of detail and the desire to make every single original piece of artwork preserved. Each piece of jewelry is produced according to the child’s drawing, down to the finest detail.

“All parents will totally agree with us: when our own children present their first self-painted pictures, we are totally proud,” said Michael. “That’s why we attach great importance to good quality and use only high-quality materials. We believe these pieces of jewelry should live on forever.”

Michael concluded by stating they are on a mission to celebrate the precious memories of our lives with meaningful jewelry. Each handcrafted jewelry item is made with the specific consumer in mind, understanding that their unique memories are totally priceless to them.

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