How Sabre Corporation Uses Travel Agents And Global Travel Technology

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Sabre Corporation is a premier international travel technology firm based in Southlake, Texas. It is today the world’s largest single air order fulfillment provider of air tickets in North America. American Airlines started the company in 1960, which was later spun-off in 2021. In its present form, Sabre still primarily caters to the airline industry. They also manage and directly sell other lines of business products and services such as hotel groups, cruise lines and ticketing firms.

Sabre Corporation

Sabre Corporation offers a wide range of travel products and services including travel insurance, ticketing options, cabin rates, seat numbers and upgrades. With these services in place, they are able to fill in the gaps in their service offerings that can make a trip to any destination a little less than what it should be. One of the most important aspects of any traveling corporation is its customers. By meeting their needs through a combination of travel agents and online resources, Sabre has been able to expand its customer base and gain a strong foothold in the travel industry.

The growth of this agency is only one example of how Sabre has taken advantage of the travel industry to increase business. They have also taken a long-term stance toward keeping their customer base with them and, in turn, helping to ensure the success of the travel industry as a whole. In doing so, Sabre has leveraged its long-term relationships with hotels and other long-term clients to build strong partnership connections. This long-term relationship with an agency-focused businesses will prove to be a critical step toward completing projects and establishing long-term clientele for the corporation.

Another example of how Sabre has taken advantage of the travel industry is its involvement with property management solutions. Through the acquisition of Capstar, Sabre has become one of the major property management companies in the country and is responsible for managing properties owned by several other real estate companies. Through technology company Abacus International, the Sabre Corporation has also formed an alliance with the technology giant to expand the scope and offerings of the properties managed by the two entities. These joint ventures between an agency-focused business and a technology company will no doubt further the goals and objectives of both companies.

One final example of how the Sabre Corporation has used travel agents to their benefit is their involvement with global travel technology company, Skyrocket. Through the acquisition of the shares of the global travel company, Sabre has gained a controlling interest in the company and will take an active role in all business operations. As we have seen, Sabre has an extensive history of partnering with other agencies and corporations to help complete projects and meet their clientele’s needs. This experience and commitment to excellence serve as another example of how Sabre has maximized its opportunities to grow and succeed in today’s business environment.

By combining offline travel agents with their satellite systems, the corporation is making it possible for clients to conduct business over the phone or online. Both options are now available through the use of state-of-the-art equipment. The increased efficiency provided by the combination of these technologies allows for more efficient travel agencies and a better overall client service. For the Sabre Corporation this represents a significant opportunity to expand their market share and take their business to the next level.

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