How Argyle CEO Shmulik Fishman Makes Employee Experience Better

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Employee experience is the single most crucial element for any company’s survival. 

Some organizations are endlessly fixated on making sure their customers are happy. After all, their customers are the financial lifeblood of the company, right?

However, any mature company knows that not treating their employees well carries significant ramifications beyond customer experience. Why? Employees are the direct line between a company and its customers, especially if the company is in a customer-interactive industry like hospitality or front-line retail. The employee is always the first customer for any large company because that employee interfaces with and influences tens of thousands of customers, if not more.

Onboarding an employee provides a significant opportunity to set the tone for how the organization will take care of the employee’s needs. Think of onboarding as the first post-transaction customer support experience for your employees.

There’s nothing worse than having regret after a major transaction. Onboarding is one of the first opportunities a company has to set expectations with the employee, reinforce the company culture, and identify what the employee needs to do their job.

Argyle equips companies with a streamlined way for applicants to apply for a job but pre-filling most fields with information from the past employer. This means profile information (address, bank account, etc) can be prefilled for an applicant reducing the amount of incorrect information or applicants that don’t complete the application because it takes too much time.  And added benefit is the financial transparency a company receives on a new higher. Companies can also get past income allowing them to understand more about pay, expectations, and so on. Instead of waiting for an HR crisis to create a conversation with a disgruntled employee about salary, and so on, Argyle makes this process easy from the outset. 

As founder Shmulik Fishman explains,

“Today Argyle can run employment and income verifications on over 20M accounts or ~13% of the United States labor force. By the end of Q2 we are on track to cover 25% of the United States labor force. If our projections are correct we should get to 50% by the end of the year.”

Fishman continues, “Argyle is automating the same verification processes that firms have been using for decades. The source of truth for any verification can always be sourced to the employer. Argyle enables verifiers to get direct access to this truth by empowering employees.

How do we achieve this? Complex federal laws (GDPR, CCPA, FCRA, PSD2) all have the same central premise-that employees own the data they generate. Employees are generating data elements like attendance, income and employment status. Argyle is enabling access to this self-generated data in a way that is much needed but thus far has not been offered. What has always been a long and drawn out process can now be streamlined due to technology and a set of legal frameworks. Data ownership is now accessible to its creators.”

With Argyle, a user has real-time earnings transparency. Within the platform, you can gain transparency into income earned before it is deposited as part of an employer’s normal payout process. This helps a company anticipate potential cash-flow issues, make adjustments early, and develop transparency and trust with employees when issues arise. 

Argyle also provides cash-on-hand transparency. Using the platform, you can see cash on hand instead of just seeing traditional bulk payouts. This gives a user early knowledge of funds that will be deposited.

Employee transparency and trust is as priceless an asset to any company as anything else. With something as emotionally-triggering as pay, salary, and compensation comparisons, leaving employees in the dark can be a deadly move. Argyle provides an easy platform for fostering substantive conversations with employees about pay, and gives employers the tools needed to understand an employee’s situation and offer compassionate action when needed.

Not only can your potential hires afford to be choosy in today’s market — your current employees can, too. That’s why it’s so important to align employee experience to your purpose, brand and culture.

63% – employees who believe they could find a job as good as the one they have.

51% – employees who are actively looking for a new job.


When you understand a user’s set of work accounts through Argyle, you understand more of who they are and, more importantly, what they need from you.


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