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He shares productivity tips On How to Stay Afloat amid the COVID 19 crisis

Make Fear Your Friend:

Do you know where the richest place in the world is? The graveyard. The graveyard is where millions of dollars, dreams, riches are buried because they never made fear their friend. One of my favorite personal development books “The Way of The Superior Man” talks about making fear your friend so that you are no longer uncomfortable with it. By leaning just beyond your fear, you challenge your limits compassionately. Use the fear as motivation. This will give you a major boost to innovate, create, build, and step outside your comfort zone in order to find opportunities.

Remove distractions at all costs.

The answers to your problems are not on the news, media, and social networks will consume you and intensify the severity of your current worries. Put your phone on do not disturb and identify what’s most important to you at this current moment: relationships, emotional state, time management, business plan, or self care? Once you discovered this you can prioritize and build a plan to execute.

Get one Step Closer & Build Momentum

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. It can be overwhelming trying to take on a new project or idea. Take one small actionable small step every single day to get closer to your goals. It doesn’t need to big, but it has to be meaningful to you. Develop a singularity of focus, so you master one single craft or skill. With this focused energy your productivity and growth will sky rocket. You will find yourself accomplishing your goals and achieving unparalleled success.

Get in Touch with your purpose

You have all the time in the world to yourself right now. What are you choosing to do with it? Take this time to really build your identity, connect with your passion, and discover your purpose. As long as I’m creating impact, inspiring others, and serving others, I know I’ll be happy. I recently gave away $1000 to a random follower of mine. I think through this difficult time, we need to serve one another and unite as a community to keep each other going. If you don’t have anything to give, then give thanks that you’re healthy and alive.

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