Marc Narrie CEO of Buddha Beans: using CBG/CBD infused Coffee to make sure you #staygrounded

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CBD oil, CBD brownies, CBD gummies, CBD soap… We’ve seen it all. But how about CBD/CBG infused coffee beans which you can brew at home?

“I keep hearing about CBG. What is that?”

Well in simplest terms, It is similar to CBD in many health perspectives such as it relieving anxiety and inducing calmness also by means that it is non-intoxicating (So no you do not get high off CBG). However it is known to have stronger internal effects on your immune system than CBD and can be used to cause anxiety relief, rest uneasiness, treat tumors, bladder dysfunction, and irritable bowel disease.

A more scientific answer on why CBG is important:

In the early 1990’s it was discovered that humans have an endocannabinoid system regulating all body functions including digestion, sleep, and nerves. It’s the body’s largest receptor system and maintains homeostasis. There are two main types; CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are mostly in the brain and organs. CB2 receptors live on cells. Our system needs Omega Fatty acids, in the proper ratio, to produce and uptake its own cannabinoids which unfortunately, today’s diets are lacking Omega-3’s, and that can lead to an endocannabinoid deficiency, causing imbalance, physical unrest, and potentially disease. Once that happens it’s easy to feel helpless and try to go towards traditional pharmaceutical medicine which usually results in all the side effects playing into your body besides the relief that your body is looking for. Fortunately, CBG’s important medicinal properties and multipurpose uses are becoming more known and accepted. And the technology is well-developed for extracting both isolates and full-spectrum cannabinoids for human and animal use. We can still feed our endocannabinoid systems with phytocannabinoids and return our bodies to balance by using CBG.

CBG helps your body in many different ways. It’s great for stress, anxiety, sleep relief, and pain reduction in your joints. It helps regulate mood and behavior and keeps your body in balance. The US National Institute of Health has performed many studies stating that it inhibits the growth of colon cancer, and has positive effects on glaucoma and irritable bowel syndrome. With the recent fame of CBG in the medicinal industry and growing market for it as it enhances CBD performance if infused with it, Buddha Beans has tapped into that market as well.

Marc Narrie runs a CBD/CBG infused coffee company based out of Los Angeles called Buddha Beans (#staygrounded). Although it started off smalll, the company is growing rapidly and is trying to keep up with demand even in the current economic fiasco by trying to hire new quality people.

As CBD/CBG users need it for medicinal or stress relief purposes, infusing CBD/CBG into coffee seemed like a brilliant idea as coffee is drank by 64 percent of Americans. Buddha Beans aims to produce symptoms such as calmness through the CBD/CBG and sharpness and alertness through the coffee. A lot of their current customers seem to say they can feel an effect after drinking Buddha Beans coffee but that’s kind of how CBD/CBG is due to everyone having a different tolerance and a different reaction to it. One may ask “why don’t we just throw CBD droplets into the coffee?”. The answer is quite simple and comes down to the recovery factor because if droplets are in the coffee then all of it may not get consumed as some may float and some may get stuck in the edges.

It started when Marc was roasting coffee out of a hot air popcorn maker in the backyard, just as a hobby and realized that they can produce high quality coffee without burning a hole in the pocket. To be unique,he decided to infuse CBD into it. Ever since then, he took on the journey of entrepreneurship and never looked back because he believed that his product has the ability to impact lives on the therapeutic scale as well as on the economic scale with the ability to gain market share in the ever growing hemp and cannabis industry as more states begin to see full legalization of cannabis.

After much trial and error of product testing from CBD/CBG powder, liquid, distillate, different forms of isolate, Buddha Beans is able to manipulate the CBD so that it can get into the bean. They focus on cultivating the bean with CBD which is uniquely distinctive. Another challenge they faced include the authenticity of CBD which Buddha Beans takes to heart as they have a strict vetting process on lab reports by surprise testing to ensure product quality. Over time Buddha Beans infused CBG into their coffee as well.

Buddha Beans is currently sold in over hundreds of stores across 26 states and has over hundreds of additional online customers who buy directly and are subscribed to buy every month. Buddha Beans is also capable of doing custom orders with higher quantities of CBD/CBG and/or different flavors of coffee as the standard beans are Mexican, Ethiopian, Colombian, and Burundi. However, it may take some time but the company has an excellent track record of delivering the highest of quality products in a time sensitive manner.

If you want superior flavored micro-roasted coffee that doesn’t give you jitters and rather calms you, make sure to check out Buddha Beans at and follow them on social media with the hashtag #staygrounded

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