The Red Clay: Khalid

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Khalid is an Arab character in the American comic book series “Mosaic”. He is a Syrian Arab prince who has had many affairs with other women. He is so ruthless and yet so charming that he can captivate almost any woman with his extraordinary physical attributes. He was initially introduced in the first issue of the series but it wasn’t until issue 7 that he was introduced to the readers.


He is described as the “Red Clay of Arabia”. Although his society is made up of a married couple and their son, he spends the majority of his time alone. His habit of joining other women around for dinner has been blamed for the downfall of several marriages. His strength lies in his ability to seduce any woman. In addition, he is also skilled in music, and is said to be able to play the lute with his hands.

He is the brother of Perseus, a Greek hero. In the comic books, it was revealed that after his sibling was killed by Perseus, he moved with his family to Phoenicia. At some point in time, he was enslaved by Cassius.

He is seen as a very old man by the time of the first issue of the series, when he is still very much in his prime. However, his age has not affected his attractiveness to women, and he appears almost as young as he did in the comic books. He is one of the oldest men in the comics.

His fame and fortune seem to come from relationships with women. His father, the emperor, spent a lot of money on purchasing women for him. His poor clothes and other details of his existence in the comic books may be a mix up of real life events. It is however said that he never actually lived in the palace, though he was there as a guest.

In fact, it has been said that if he didn’t have a daughter, then his wealth would have taken the whole US Dollars in the first three generations. His status as the Red Clay is also attributed to his relationship with Cleopatra. She is the Egyptian Queen and was known for her beauty and her liking for handsome men.

Throughout the series, he has been a member of a long line of assassins and serves as the “poster boy” for the series. He is given many noble titles, but is still considered as the “royal pin” for the series.

He is a very wealthy and attractive man, which many say is due to his spending his money on beautiful and stunning young women. He has managed to seduce many women, without ever losing his charm. As he is still very much in his prime, he still has a lot of luck and charisma, which makes him an excellent pick for being the Red Clay in the book series.

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