What I Want For Christmas – How a Sister Diva Can Make You Money

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In her talk “What I Want For Christmas,” Oprah Winfrey discussed how she realized that she could write a book that would take off. In the years since her first book was published, Oprah has received awards for her speaking engagements and business ventures, and she continues to be an influential voice in the media and on Oprah’s list of influences.


Today, Olivia Lauren is seen in many places both online and off, and she has put herself out there as someone who would be able to provide some insight for the topic of women in business. In her OWN BOOK: “Think Like a CEO,” she discusses how to plan for success while planning for failure. In addition to writing it herself, she worked with a team of experts and editors to make sure that she wrote the book she wanted.

Olivia Lauren was raised by her mother in Wisconsin. She has had many different experiences in her life, and she credits her love of books with inspiring her to create books and other materials. She was also inspired by several different authors when she was trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life.

If you are wondering about how Oprah came to choose Olivia Lauren as her guest, it is because Oprah was looking for a new book to add to her shelf. She was thinking about doing another one, and this time, she wanted it to be something that was shorter and had an easy read. Oprah’s husband, the late, great Simon Sorvino, had been requesting a new book about business for some time, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to provide a little more information about the topic.

Before she ever began the project, she contacted Olivia Lauren to see if she would be interested in writing a book. Olivia had some input into the content and has done all of the editing. The result is a very interesting, yet simple guide to becoming a successful business woman.

As soon as she got the go ahead from Oprah, she started the book, which included a movie she made and a large amount of personal stories. Olivia Lauren took part in the process and provided tips and ideas for each chapter. Because she was writing the book from the heart, she never felt like she was losing anything by using her own experiences.

After she finished the book, Olivia Lauren decided to continue working with Oprah and she continues to do so today. She also has helped with several Oprah related shows. She even joined Oprah and Dr. Oz on their show in 2020.

One of the most impressive things about Olivia Lauren is that she was able to help not only Oprah but the millions of viewers across the world. That is a very rare thing.

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