How to Watch the Best Shows of 2020

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We are just a few months away from the hottest shows of the next decade in Hollywood. And thanks to many surveys, we know who is going to take home the gold trophy for the Best Picture of the year:

Hottest Shows of 2020

Sony Pictures Animation’s “Sing” follows the journey of a young aspiring musician, where he bonds with his childhood idol and becomes entwined with his political thriller’s screenwriting team. Disney Animation is doing all it can to get to the front of the line in terms of quality. Disney is in hot pursuit of beating out DreamWorks for the Best Animated Feature of the year.

The competition for Best Animated Feature will be fierce between Disney and DreamWorks Animation. However, considering the popularity of the two companies, the race could very well be close. With so many high profile films coming up, DreamWorks and Disney will continue to expand their talent pools while Disney begins the process of retooling its roster to become more dynamic.

This is great news for all of us who love to watch movies and TV shows but just don’t have the time to follow every development of the movie industry, no matter how much they deserve our attention. If you are a lover of movies, you should plan ahead and start looking at which movies and TV shows are going to be the most popular during the coming year. Then, you can plan your viewing schedule around those shows.

In addition to the best films of the year, you should also pay attention to the hottest shows of the year. A great example of this is that The Walking Dead might be on hiatus, but AMC is ramping up its promotion of the comic book TV show based on the hit zombie horror franchise, which has been a big hit in the States.

The Walking Dead is one of the most downloaded TV shows, and fans crave to be able to see it as soon as possible after the new episode airs. AMC is committed to the show’s success and will do everything it can to keep the momentum of the show alive and kicking throughout the year.

Episodes of The Walking Dead, as well as other AMC shows, have been shown in live action on stage. That, along with the fact that fans of this particular television show always seem to be just a few episodes behind the current storyline, have helped attract devoted fans to the show that is easily one of the most talked about on television.

The annual game show The Amazing Race is also returning to the stage, and the stakes have never been higher. Every season, the teams that continue to stick together and make it to the end of the game show’s three-day competition are awarded a hefty prize.

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