Oprah And Her Personal Life

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The idea of Oprah has been hijacked by certain media outlets that promote her lifestyle without considering her actual value as a person. She is too much of a self proclaimed expert in everything to consider that others are making money from her talk show fame and also the fact that she has a fortune that she earned from her current book deal.


We all know that we can learn a lot about other people’s own lifestyles by just simply reading and watching. We see in the media how the people of New York City live their lives and then we see the same behaviors in our everyday lives. But sometimes the values that we get from the media may not be the same as those people who live in the New York city.

Oprah is one of the most well known people that many people can identify with but her beliefs have changed over the years so much that we are seeing some of her daily activities have been changed as well. What has Oprah changed? She has come a long way from telling us to take responsibility for our lives, to making us think that we are enough because we have money and we do not need other people to help us.

Oprah has told us that we should not be afraid to make our own lifestyle changes and have more self-respect. Yet, we are seeing a whole different attitude from Oprah and her team. The focus is now on someone who has changed her views and now claims that she has a spiritual approach to life, Oprah’s views do not match the type of lifestyle change that many people have found to be valuable.

She continues to call herself an advocate of God or Allah and yet, she has told us that she does not believe in God or the Bible. She has also said that she does not believe in personal spirituality because the only thing that she believes in is her show. So, which one is she really talking about?

So, if Oprah’show is not personal spirituality, what is it that she really believes? She seems to be a true believer in personal spirituality because her team has kept her true believers happy by promoting a spiritual approach to life. In fact, it is all about this program and her way of life that are being promoted.

Oprah herself has claimed that she only believes in personal spirituality and the other guests on her show can make those statements too. Yet, it is this lifestyle that is endorsed and promoted by Oprah and her team. Instead of being a personal spiritual person, she is a great example of the hypocrisy that people claim to believe in.

When it comes to personal life, Oprah has changed and yet, we are still seeing lifestyle changes that are very influential on our lives. Oprah has claimed to be a spiritual person but at the same time, she promotes the wrong types of spirituality to her audience. In the end, Oprah is a hypocrite that uses her status as a talk show host to promote herself and her brand of spirituality to her audience.

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