Is Oprah Ready For a Realistic Live?

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Oprah Winfrey is on the cusp of a major comeback. I’m not just talking about her life after her world-wide exposure. I’m talking about the potential for a huge personal revival as well.


Oprah won the coveted Oprah Prize in 1992, but then she never really came out of her shell. Her public persona hasn’t really changed much in thirty years, and her recent book suggests that she isn’t ready to change it.

Oprah won her award from Oprah Winfrey, who has been very good to her. She is a true innovator. If you think she does nothing except talk about herself and sell some books, you are wrong. She is responsible for so many other things.

Recently Olivia Snow wrote an excellent book about a guy she was dating. It was going great. Then he went on a shopping spree and became a bit of a recluse. One day she went up to him and said, “You are just not who you used to be.”

That was a very new attitude for her. She had been somewhat closed-mouthed about their relationship, even though they were meant to be one and the same.

After that Oprah came right out and said to Olivia, “I’ve been thinking about this. I’ve known you longer than I have known anyone else. I’d like to give it another try.”

This is an amazing thing to me. Maybe if Oprah would be as open about her love life as she was about her illness, she would also get more positive feedback from it.

After all, we all know that Olivia has had problems with men. She has certainly done her share of work on herself. Still, I hope that she will keep working on it.

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