Yoga and the Book That Inspired it

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My last post explained why many people tend to ignore the well-known author of the New Age and talk about, not Priyank Chopra. In this article I will introduce to you another great writer, who is written about quite a bit, by those who like me, are also Yoga practitioners.

Priyank Chopra

Gurmit Ram Lila is written by Gurmit Ram Lila. This book is a synthesis of Indian philosophy and science. There are two main sections that you will find in this book, which is called the “Tablets” and the “Pramana”. You will learn a lot about anatomy, physiology, physics, yogic history, astrology, etc.

The first section in the book teaches you the essence of the 3 Agama, as it is spelled out in English, so you will know exactly what the English words mean. This section is an easy one, as the section that explains what the three Agamas are is short and sweet. You may feel more lost when you are first trying to understand the Agamas, but all you need to know is what the meaning of the Agamas is.

The second section of the book is one that will change your life a lot. It will teach you the history of yoga in India, where it was born, and where it has moved on to. You will learn the exact dates of the Agamas, as well as the times and places when they were created.

Once you finish this book, you will understand why it was written in the first place. You will not need to be a Sanskrit scholar to understand the meanings of the sentences. This is a well organized book that will make you appreciate Yoga more, as you will learn more about the meanings of the sentences.

The third section of the bookis where I am going to give you my own personal opinion. You will find in this section, that this book, although written for non-Yoga practitioners, is full of powerful messages. This book will show you, the main reason why you should practice Yoga. You will learn to love everything, including life, in all its forms, and you will discover why many who start out in life, stop, because they are not happy.

I have personally learned from this book and will continue to study the new age book to see how much is learned from it. If you are a Yoga practitioner, or even if you are not, this book will provide you with many more reasons to study the teachings of Yoga.

This book, if read, and practiced by those who take their practice seriously, will change your life. You will never stop learning.

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