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Priyank Chopra is an author who has gained immense popularity in the field of spirituality. This has happened by virtue of his writings which are highly focused on the process of evolution of consciousness and how it relates to various parts of one’s life. The following are some of the books which are considered to be the pinnacle of Priyank Chopra’s collection.

Priyank Chopra

‘The Upanishads’ is a good place to start for anyone interested in spirituality. This book is published by HarperCollins and is a quick read. It gives you a glimpse into the long tradition of the spiritual philosophy and its importance in Indian society. It is a work of pure literature and is well worth the time spent in reading it. One should remember that this book was written by a top mystic and therefore is extremely insightful and informative.

‘Kundalini Yoga: The Soul’s Journey’ is the sequel to ‘The Upanishads’ and goes deeper into the inner workings of the soul and its relation to meditation and yoga. This book is another hit for the author and it has acquired great popularity due to its clarity and simplicity.

‘Punjabi Days’ by Punjabi poet and dramatist Mohinderpal Singh, is a collection of seven short stories and is inspired by the manner in which people in Punjab interact with each other and make friends. These tales deal with different aspects of everyday life in this community. They illustrate the lives of people living in Punjabi culture and provides insight into various social issues faced by the community.

‘Cancelled’ by Nirmal Bhattacharya has been ranked as one of the best books of the year by both ‘Aaanyika’Aaanyaa’. This book is a compilation of very interesting anecdotes revolving around the common man and features stories from a fictional point of view. Apartfrom providing insight into people’s lives, the book also provides the reader with an insight into the types of humor that can be found in the lives of ordinary people.

‘Rajneesh: The Calculus of Love’ by Rajneesh and Amal, a mystic Rajneesh and Amal, is a collection of the short stories from Rajneesh’s years of being a guru. These stories will give the reader an insight into the workings of the cult leader. The reader will find out more about the tragic and tragicomic way in which Rajneesh conducted his life. Rajneesh and Amal write the book in a very engaging manner and are worth the time spent in reading it.

One should keep in mind that Priyank Chopra is an expert in his field and a proficient writer. Therefore, one can expect a work from him that will provide readers with insight into various aspects of life. With time, it is expected that the author’s writing abilities will only get better.

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