Ukraine war: Russian oil depot hit in Ukrainian drone attackon January 19, 2024 at 11:03 am

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Fire breaks out over a large area in the Bryansk region, a day after another oil facility is targeted.

Four oil tanks caught fire at the depot near KlintsyImage source, Russian emergencies ministry

Fire has broken out over a large area of an oil storage depot in southern Russia after officials say it was hit by a Ukrainian drone.

Russian media say four oil tanks caught alight and the fire then spread over an area of 1,000 sq m (10,763sq ft).

Russian authorities in the Bryansk region say no-one was hurt.

The Bryansk governor said the drone was intercepted near the town of Klintsy and its explosives then fell on the oil depot.

The drone strike is the second on Russian oil facilities in two days.

An unprecedented attack targeted a major oil loading terminal in Russia’s second city, St Petersburg, on Thursday.

Russian reports suggested that drone was shot down without causing damage but there were indications in Kyiv that the attack, so far from the Ukrainian border, marked a new phase in strategy.

“Yes, last night we hit the target. This thing crossed 1,250km (776 miles) last night,” said Ukraine’s Strategic Industries Minister Oleksandr Kamyshin on Thursday.

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