Alex Batty: Teen from Oldham missing for six years found in Franceon December 14, 2023 at 5:25 pm

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A police source tells the BBC that the boy, who went missing aged 11, was found on Wednesday morning.

A blonde boyImage source, Greater Manchester Police

A 17-year-old English boy from Oldham who went missing in Spain in 2017 has been found in France, authorities say.

The teenager, answering to the name of Alex Batty, was found in the town of Revel east of Toulouse early on Wednesday morning.

Six years ago, Alex, then 11, was on holiday with his mother and grandfather when they disappeared in Spain.

A police source told the BBC Alex had been taken to a police station by a concerned motorist.

The boy, answering to the name Alex Batty, said he had been in France for two years, the police source said, adding that he bore a resemblance to the last known picture of Alex.

He was in good health and did not say he had been mistreated in any way.

His grandmother – and legal guardian – Susan Caruana told the BBC in 2018 that she believed Alex’s mother and grandfather had taken him to live with a spiritual community in Morocco.

She said they were seeking an alternative lifestyle and did not want Alex to go to school.

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