Sunnyside Equity Announces Its Release of Its Day-Trading Platform

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LEHI, Utah–There is good news for traders who are frustrated by the ups and downs of the market: Sunnyside Equity Holdings has announced it will start taking clients for PICKEL, its new day trading platform. Co-founder Will Vigil says, “Traders will be excited by the power of PICKEL. We have been testing the platform and its methods for two years, and we have found that we have yet to ever take a loss.”  

Sunnyside Equity designed PICKEL to use proprietary, tested algorithms and AI technology that predict and mimic trades across its platform with the goal of never falling below markers set by its system, thus allowing the system to sell off on gains across multiple accounts simultaneously during trading times. 

Success on the market is difficult to find, with up to 80% of traders or even more reporting losses. Traders are normally encumbered by multiple factors that hinder their ability to trade on the market, including emotional decision-making and psychological biases. Without the ability to overcome these, losses have the potential to happen.

Sunnyside Equity says regardless of the overall market trends for the day, PICKEL sets its markers to buy and get out at the perfect times to generate gains.  “Unlike the strictly human-driven system in which greed and emotions are a risk, PICKEL knows how to pick a stock and follow markers and then mimic that same algorithm across multiple accounts,” the company explains. “Picking the right stock is as important as picking the right time to sell. Combining these two strategies and eliminating the greed and emotional aspect makes PICKEL the go-to option when it comes to day trading.” 

Will Vigil says he is excited that Sunnyside Equity will make the system available to traders to use in their own homes in the near future. PICKEL also incorporates the most advanced technology. “We are moving into a world that increasingly relies on artificial intelligence, and when it comes to investing, AI systems may be the safer play. They are not, after all, at risk of making errors because of human emotions, so they have the potential to reduce the risk of money mismanagement.”

Sunnyside Equity also provides its clients with the security of knowing that they will never realize any losses and that they will get an agreed-upon return on their investment when they enter into an insured contract process with the company.

 Sisalio Vongphakdy, a Sunnyside Equity client knowledgeable in market trading, says,
“I’ve been able to see returns on my investments of over 20% year by year with Sunnyside Equity. I’m privileged to be a part of the client rollout of PICKEL. It’s a really amazing system.”

With Sunnyside Equity’s PICKEL, day traders now have a powerful tool that can potentially help them to make stronger trades. It is the right platform for any trader who wants help navigating markets that are tricky to predict and complex to understand. What might your portfolio look like with PICKEL at your side?

For more information on Sunnyside Equity Holdings, please visit their website or contact them at:

Sunnyside Equity Holdings


Phone: (833) 222-5233

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