Mateem Lowers the Cost of Leasing a Property to Approximately Half of One Month’s Rent

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Anyone who has worked in the property management industry knows its pitfalls: employees must do their jobs using multiple software platforms while keeping up to date with the latest regulations and trying to adequately screen tenants. No less difficult is the job of an owner, who must keep one eye on the big picture – the overall rental status and condition of their properties – and their other eye on the crucial details, including the efficiency of payments and maintenance requests. “It’s a bit of a juggling act,” says Nathan Levinson, Founder and President of Royal York Property Management (Royal York), and Mateem, his property management software. “The workplace is full of good intentions, but from what property owners tell me, there are too many dropped balls, which leads to lower profits.”

Mateem was designed to pick those balls up again and even eliminate some of them. “We focused on getting rid of the redundancies that burden landlords and also creating solutions to their problems through unified technology,” Nathan explains. “We also prioritized creating cloud-based software so that an owner, employee, or tenant can access Mateem’s features 24/7/365 from their computers or phones.”

Mateem Gives an X-Ray View of Every Unit You Have.

Mateem, Nathan continues, basically takes you into the heart of every room or property you rent or lease. “It’s no longer a building sitting ‘over there,’” he says. “Through Mateem, you have in front of you the crucial details on each room, including its occupancy or vacancy, its tenant, maintenance requests, and more. It’s a complete, accurate picture of each unit captured in one place.”

Mateem Streamlines How You Take Care of Your Tenants.

Mateem’s features allow property owners to take care of the needs of their tenants all online. “I like where this software will take the industry,” says Nathan. “With Mateem, you have everything you need to assist your tenant from the time of their application to the day they move out. The paperwork is one of the biggest complaints we have heard from property owners, so with Mateem, you can have the tenant complete and submit lease agreements on their own and pay their rent online. This will make your staff be more productive because instead of sitting at their desk and watching as the tenant initials page after page of their lease, they can work on more important duties.”

Once your tenant occupies their unit, Mateem’s services continue. “Apartment complexes and other rental or leased properties are busy places – there’s always another maintenance alert, inspection, or freeze warning to send out. Instead of wasting time and money by putting notices on doors, you can send out group emails, which is a big improvement, don’t you think?”

Mateem Increases Employee Satisfaction.

Nathan estimates that by using Mateem, owners can eliminate twelve platforms from their daily operations, including Docusign, Slack, and Salesforce. “This is one reason we are ahead of the trend – we know that employees are burned out on switching platforms throughout their workday, so we’ve created one place where they can do their jobs. That’s an increase in efficiency and morale, which will lead to higher profits.”

Mateem Can Run Your Backend Operation.

To lower the cost of leasing a property even further, Mateem has an additional service that allows landlords to have rent collection, accounts payable, maintenance administration, and customer care for a small monthly fee. “We provide 24/7 staffing in twenty languages,” states Nathan. “By taking the backend duties off your hands, you can save yourself the expense of having them done by your staff. It will streamline your operation and leave you able to focus on growing your business.”

Mateem Is Software That Is Changing How Properties Are Managed.

Mateem is software that can handle all aspects of properties that are leased or rented. It can take the burdens off of landlords and create more revenue. As Nathan says, “It is simple and effective. You won’t find better software for the property management industry than Mateem.”


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