The Founder Vanquish Ventures Inc. Perseveres and Alleviates People of Medical Debt

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Lloyd Argame was born in Los Angeles, California. He was raised by a single mother and one sibling. “My father left us when I was three years old,” Lloyd explains. “My mom raised my brother and me with no child support and helped us get out of a rough neighborhood.” He continues, “We lived in South Central Los Angeles and later moved to the San Fernando Valley.”

Lloyd’s mother pursued her dreams, acquiring her nursing license and becoming a Registered Nurse. “Growing up was tough because I didn’t have a father figure,” Lloyd shares. “I was always in the streets looking for a way to make some kind of money.” Lloyd’s mother wanted him to go into the medical field, but he, unfortunately, lacked the prereqs for that. “I ended up working different sales jobs, from selling cars to cell phones,” Lloyd shares. “Then I ended up opening a mortgage company with a close friend.” After that, he lost everything because the housing market crashed in 2008 which ended up becoming a recession.

Lloyd stated that he was at an all-time low. “I honestly felt like giving up and just ending my life,” Lloyd shares. “I ended up going back to church because I had obviously lost faith in God.” Once Lloyd started going back to church, everything just worked out for him. “God is good”, he says. “Now with everything God has taught me, I use it to help other people get approved for home loans, car loans, credit cards, etc by repairing their credit.” Lloyd now has a private company with over 200 brokers nationwide and a solid sales team that is also dedicated to changing people’s lives. “I love what I do and the rewards it comes with,” he says.  

Lloyd Argame is now the founder of Vanquish Ventures Inc, a company that assists individuals with credit repair. Lloyd works to remove medical debt for individuals that owe over 25k for free. The best part is that they don’t have to pay it back. We all know that health insurance is expensive and sometimes insurance companies refuse to cover a large amount of the medical expenses, and then these debts are sent to collections. “This is where we come in and remove it for free,” Lloyd states.“We’ve removed over $10 million in medical debt in collections that people don’t have to pay back.”

We provide assistance in repairing existing credit issues that are stopping people from getting approved for home loans, car loans, credit cards, etc. Lloyd explains that he is able to remove medical debt from credit reports due to credit laws that are broken within the hospital system. Once we make collections aware, these agencies are forced to remove the debt from the patient’s report. “A lot of people are unaware of these laws and collection agencies take advantage of patients, forcing them to pay or garnish their wages,” Lloyd explains. Vanquish Ventures Inc. works with credit bureaus. Once the debt can’t be proven due to inaccuracies, the debt is deleted. 

Lloyd works tirelessly to ensure his business is successful in helping as many people as he can. His day-to-day initiatives involve answering as many as 800 inquiries a day from referrals, checking in with his sales team, and contacting new and existing clients. Then, he attends meetings with clients all day. His day normally ends with work around 2 am.

He explains that he never thought he would get involved with credit repair. “Every time I got into a new business like the car industry, mortgage industry, business funding, etc, I did really well,” Lloyd explains. “Then I would have a setback with either a recession or end up failing in that industry.” He continues, “It taught me that everything you need in life revolves around credit. Cars, homes, loans, credit cards all revolve around credit. So, I decided to get involved in the credit industry.”

Lloyd currently has celebrities and athletes as clients trying to manage their finances, but he really loves helping anyone that’s currently drowning in bad debt. It takes the weight off their shoulders and provides them with peace of mind. “First, I ask for the client’s credit karma or Experian  info so I can look at their credit report and look for all the negatives, and then we put a plan together and go from there,” Lloyd explains. It’s that easy. “I’m referral-based so it’s easy for someone to trust me when Ive worked on someone else is credit that referred them.”

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