BNB Fintech is Bringing Crypto to Regular Retail

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Imagine being a passionate daily crypto investor who knows how to time trends perfectly. Imagine that you spent time in the market and found the ultimate token, backed by a company you know and trust.

Then, imagine that you had a big gain and want to make a purchase with some of what you’ve earned. You’d have the freedom to have your crypto currency winnings work just like a Visa card or MasterCard, with the ability to purchase whatever you need at any time.

20 years ago, this was something out of a science fiction novel, with no grounding in reality.

10 years ago, this was a little bit more realistic, but still wildly beyond any available technology.

Today, it’s an imminent reality, and one company is leading the charge.

BNB Fintech is an innovative financial technology startup centered around cryptocurrency. BNB Fintech aims to become the future of face-to-face and point-of-sale cryptocurrency payments. 

BNB Fintech has researched and is aiming to work with Simplex to see their requirements for a partnership for BNB Cash (their flagship token product) Visa/Mastercard debit cards which will convert cryptocurrency to cash so someone can pay for their gas, coffee, or anything else they’d like on a day-to-day basis. 

Imagine it: you can buy your groceries with your cryptocurrency winnings in the very near future. 

BNB Fintech’s first development is a marketplace where users buy, sell, and trade items in exchange for BNB Cash. It’ll be done both online and face-to-face. If users are buying and selling online, payment will be held until there’s a confirmation of delivery. 

BNB Fintech’s flagship product is their BNB Cash Token, described on their website: “BNB Cash is the native token of BNB Fintech. running on the Bep20 platform, BNB Cash is fast, low in transaction fees, and most importantly – secure.”

Ideally, the BNB Cash option will replace debit cards for many consumers. “[We will have] debit cards integrated with the mobile wallet, potentially partnering with Simplex so individuals can pay for everyday items with crypto. We will have a point-of-sale application which will allow Merchants to accept BNB Cash in their online or brick and mortar shops,” BNB Fintech’s leadership team explains.

BNB Fintech is a power-packed team with expertise in many areas including finance, IT, design, merchant acquisition, payment systems, customer retention, human resource management, risk management, and project management. 

Through their marketplace, mobile wallet, rewards program, point of sale application, and usable NFTs, they are continually bringing innovation, passion, and creativity to the cryptocurrency space to make the transaction process clearer and more accessible for crypto enthusiasts and those who are curious.

Elle Hoesch, co-founder, explains what BNB Fintech is also rolling out in the near future:

“After launch, we will begin development of our peer-to-peer crypto marketplace. Think Craigslist, OfferUp, etc., where people can buy, sell, and trade items but payment is done in cryptocurrency rather than fiat. We will create a mobile crypto wallet but what sets ours apart is that it houses many of our developments so users have a single access point.

Ultimately, the BNB Fintech team believes that the crypto market is going to continually expand, and point-of-sale and transaction solutions are a key part of making this burgeoning world more accessible to the average customer.

“Through cryptocurrency investing so many out there are changing their lives. We believe that’s not going to cease any time soon,” Hoesch explains.

BNB Fintech will also be having a launchpad presale on Unicrypt, scheduled for October 2nd at 2pm GMT.

Learn more about BNB Fintech at and 


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