Physicians Create New Opportunities with CareventuresCapital

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The emergence of COVID-19 created chaos for investment portfolios across the country. This was particularly true for physicians dealing with patients who had spent the previous year confined to their homes. CareventuresCapital wants to assist those physicians by helping them realize the potential for passive income opportunities. Saji Salam, a physician, founded the business, which assists high-net-worth individuals in the profession with generating passive income through real estate and new startup investment alternatives.

Passive Income Basics 

The CareventuresCapital business model is focused on passive income, which can be generated and sustained with little to no effort. Doctors benefit from the group’s co-investment in apartment sales, in which investors divide the profits. Class B and C apartments provide passive investment opportunities in North America. CareventuresCapital’s passive income includes rental income as well as any economic operations in which the earner has no meaningful involvement.

“Because business can be tiring, many people in the industry choose not to look for other sources of income, even if they have the ability to do so,” Dr. Salam explains. “We’d like to fix that. There’s just a little effort required upfront and then so much can be done without that hands-on involvement.”

Leadership at CareventuresCapital

Dr. Saji Salam complements the team’s operational and transaction management understanding with his management consulting and engagement management skills. CareventuresCapital develops a passive cash stream for physicians by utilizing their major expertise and network. Dr. Salam has worked for five major consulting firms, including Deloitte and Accenture, and has managed and consulted enterprise-wide project implementation projects with Fortune 500 customers for over twenty years.

Dr. Salam explains, “When it comes to investment, the formula that we have here works.” “We require healthcare professionals to spend some time learning about investing and risk management; for this, we offer many educational programs that cover issues ranging from tax to legal aspects of investments.” Physician investors will be able to invest their money with confidence if they have accomplished this.”

Additional Opportunities for Passive Income

Passive income streams can help you augment your present income and pursue your interests. Physicians who want a more active investment approach can participate in the early stages of funding enterprises through CareventuresCapital.

Dr. Salam states, “We didn’t want to pursue only real estate.” “We do have startup choices available for those physicians who are OK with a higher level of risk. With a high potential for risk comes a high potential for return, which is exactly what we want to see at the end of the day, regardless of where we invest. We’re doing our job as long as doctors win and profit from their investments.”

Physicians work in an industry with high salaries where they can optimize their earnings and put their money to work for them. Physicians must be able to support themselves and each other as the medical industry develops. CareventuresCapital’s Saji Salam and the rest of the team have been working hard to make this happen.

“There is such a huge possibility here; all that is required is for the individuals in positions of power, the earners, to recognize it,” Dr. Salam says. “I want to use CareventuresCapital to create that reality and really just help people like me realize the power that they possess.”

Visit for more information on the company.

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