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Many Americans suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, stress, inflammation etc. are searching for a alleviating form or relief contrasting to the addictive nature of prescription medication. Heather J. Wilson, Founder and CEO of Nevada Crest Farms identified the problem so many people were facing and saw it as an opportunity to change lives and help thousands of Americans live healthier, pain free lives.

Heather offers a variety of products crafting artisanal clones, hemp flower, smokeables, vape cartridges, extracts, finished goods,concentrates, edibles and topicals. Initially focused on growing CBD for consumers, Nevada Farms now provides Servicing through wholesalers, brands, online and physical retailers, private label, and farmers raw materials and finished products. Heather takes pride in knowing companies are relying on her products.

When asked what success means to Heather she informed us that, “Success lives in the details,” she states, “at every level”. Her success is due to the four basic principles she lives by and bases her products on, quality, promises, trust and process. 

Quality first, last and always

Quality is exemplified throughout the entire process. Through third party testing twenty times throughout production or avoiding GMOs, pesticides and herbicides quality is a very important factor. Winner of 2019 and 2020 indoor flower award by the Nevada Hemp Association, Heather’s products are nothing short of quality. “We are second to none in the hemp and CBD business, to stay there requires sacrifice, principles and a burning desire to remain the best.” 

Keep every promise

With six harvest yearly, Nevada Farms provides relentless consistency to supply the demand for the products. Proving quality that clients expect frequently. 


To Heather, trust is worth earning. Heather believes “transparency is our currency”. She does this welcoming people to tour her farms so viewers can see how things are run. She welcomes the public to her company so they are knowledgeable and feel certain of the purchases. 

Every step matters 

Nevada Crest Farms monitors the entire journey for source to shelf .“When you’re building your business on the strength of our products we owe it to you to deliver every time.” Heather stresses. The cycle of growing the hemp, extracting the CBD and manufacturing the products is extremely important to her company.“From DNA to CBD” she grins. Heather finds gratification in that her crops are hand-tended and hand -harvested to ensure quality and consistent craftsmanship. 

With a background as owner and founder of nutraceutical and supplemental company East West Essentials, Heather created the famous Optimal cleanse.  A cleanse loved and used by Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and many other stars. Based on her experience Heather knew first hand about the potential of CBD. Heather became the source and found a way to help many Americans struggling everyday. “Our mission is to create the most luxurious, therapeutic CBD in the world and that starts with the highest quality smokable hemp flower- the most bioavailable way to consume CBD”, she explains “we offer a curated collection of strains to provide discerning buyers with the kind of experience that they’ll want to return again and again.”

When we brought up the idea of expanding Heather didn’t look that intrigued. “ We don’t want to become too huge. I believe sometimes when you get too big as a company, you can lose your quality and vision of why you got into the business.” Though through all her success, quality to her consumers remains. Heathers first priority. Heather is very optimistic about the future and hopes to continue producing in the ever changing cannabis industry.

Heather believes this is the perfect time to get into the CBD business. When she starts contemplating over her past and tribulations of breaking into the business she ponders, “It has been a lot of pressure. But the results have been worth it.” Heather advises entrepreneurs starting out that are interested in the field that they should “Go for it. There is a ton of opportunity within the cannabis industry and now is the time to break in. although,” she warns,” before selecting a location be certain your community supports you.” For now Heather is focused on continuing to build an industry designed to better Americans.

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