The Papers: England ‘on track’ to reopen and pandemic treaty pleaon March 30, 2021 at 4:25 am

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The PM’s comments that England remains on course to ease further restrictions on 12 April is among the front-page stories.

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“After a long, hard winter of isolation, people in England were yesterday finally free”, says the Daily Mirror.

Like many of the papers, it carries images from across the country: Tennis players in Lincolnshire and swimmers in the Serpentine in central London.

“Doesn’t freedom taste good!”, says the Daily Express, while the Daily Star says “never has a Monday had more of a Friday feeling”.

The Times says everything is on track to reopen shops and pubs next month – but it also quotes a note of caution from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

He urged people to abide by the rules and “stay humble” in the face of nature.

The Guardian picks up on his admission that it’s unclear exactly how strong the UK’s defences are against another wave of coronavirus.

But the Daily Mail instead cites a series of positive statistics: Infections at their lowest level for six months and the average death toll being down 95% from January.

It says the prime minister is being pressed to lift lockdown faster and it asks, “what are we waiting for?”

On its front page, the Times says “much of America came to a standstill” for the start of the George Floyd murder trial in Minneapolis.

The Guardian says the case is regarded by millions as a litmus test of US police accountability.

People playing tennis outside

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The main story for the Daily Telegraph is the article by world leaders, including Boris Johnson, calling for a new global treaty to ensure countries act together to battle the pandemic.

It notes that the article is an effort to build cross-border cooperation, after the disagreement between Britain and the EU about vaccines.

The Daily Express hails the news that 60 million Covid jabs will be made in Britain, saying it ends the threat of an EU trade war. “We don’t need EU” is the headline.

The Guardian says the Conservative MP, Maria Miller, is urging Ofsted to hold an urgent inquiry into sexual abuse in schools.

She says recent revelations show that nothing has changed since she led a report on the issue five years ago.

Labour’s Jess Phillips, who worked on the same report, tells the Independent she can find little evidence that the actions promised by ministers at the time have had any effect.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Winchester College, a boys’ boarding school, may reconsider the planned introduction of female pupils next year because of the row.

It says there are concerns that it could create a “toxic culture” and that some parents are worried about the speed of change.

In an editorial, the Times backs calls for an inquiry and action but adds a note of caution, saying each allegation should still be scrutinised, noting difference between boorishness and criminality.

Red line
Red line

A photo on the front page of the Financial Times shows the Ever Given sailing away from the camera, after it was released from its position blocking the Suez canal.

“A giant sigh of relief” is how the Times describes the world’s reaction, while the Telegraph says rescue teams have “turned the tide” of what looked like a protracted disaster.

The Ever Given on the move

image copyrightReuters

The paper says the affair is a salutary reminder of how vulnerable the world is to just a gust of wind.

The Politico website says the ship has left nervy traders in its wake, and an almighty backlog.

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